Saturday, October 03, 2009

Joy of Giving!!

We were attending a wedding yesterday night..Siddharth saw a balloonist and wanted to buy a balloon..

I was thinking of the way to get the money, as my wallet was not with me.. Siddharth came and told me Mama i will share the balloon with the boy sitting next to our chair as he saw the other boy requesting his grand mom for the money for balloon..

Here comes our Ram Ban my brother and he handed 50 rupees to Siddharth, i told Siddharth to get the balloon and the change.. he came with a triumph Mama uncle ne gubara free de diya.. as he gave 4 notes of 10 bucks..

The moment he got the balloon, he told me to wait for one minute and i was wondering where this boy is going.. and was glad to see that he has gone to offer the balloon to the other boy.. and they both were playing like they are friends for a long time..

Siddharth gave the joy to the other boy, in the week of giving joy... i was overwhelmed with this gesture of his.. 

aa chalke tujhe main leke chalon ek aissee gagan ke talee