Sunday, November 11, 2012

We are born free!!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to all of us
Every moment we are born
Every moment we are free
Happy Birthday to you!!

This song is sang by all of us every year on Siddharth birthday celebration at school. I always feel inspired after this singing this song, and every year it had the same meaning to me. This year it was different feeling when we went with Reet to Siddharth school. I could relate so much with Reet. We are born free, Reet is a free spirit. She decide her own way to do things and i am only supporting her to fulfl her demands.

The thoughts came into mind that i have not taught her anything, she learned to roll over, sit with support, sit without support, crawl and now at ten months she can stand and sit with a little support.  All of this she did on her own, Whenever her body got the strength and she got the opportunity to go ahead she grabbed it. 

I believe all of us has the power to do anything we want, but since we get burdened ourselves with the bundle of expectation, compromise and responsibilities we get trapped. We forgot that we are born free and will die also free. 

Why we restrict ourselves?? We should be free from fear as if there is fear or confusion in our life it is because of lack of commitment. An uncommitted mind is miserable. A committed mind may experience rough weather but will reap the fruits of its toil.

lets make some commitment in life and do whatever we want to do, what makes us free as every moment we are born every moment we are free!!! 

Mast Raho!!

Siddharth Birthday Celebration Part 2

Yesterday was the Siddharth birthday celebration with his classmates. This time i dont have to do anything except to pack the return gifts which me and Siddharth did together. 

He decided the books according to the person. I will give naughty amelia jane to this friend of mine, she is just like amelia jane does not listen to us. Though i made some pumpkin matthi with the help of Shradha as a sweets for the birthday. 

We reached the fun city at 11 and the fun started from the moment Siddharth met his friends there. They all were so independent and was not looking to us for anything. There were total seven boys including Siddharth ( Ishaan, Dhruv, Kunwar, Aadwik, Devanagd and Aryan). Siddharth invited three girls but they all canceled there program at the last moment. 

Siddharth and his friends played in the jungle jym, and had great fun. I loved their free spirit and willingness to just have fun. There were no boundaries, they were chasing each other and bonding with the bond of love and togetherness!!

Reet slept in her pram and we went shopping of some books. After an hour we got them back from the jungle gym and headed to Mc Donald. After the food, some of them left but the fun was continuing with the rest ones, the endless demands for the ice cream and other play areas were met. 

I was thinking that how fast the life grows, Siddharth was enjoying independently with his friends, he was coming to us only to collect money. The boys were playing together moving together eating together, we were like this when we were in college. These boys at the age of 9 years can rock the world with their laughter, their togetherness!! There sole purpose was to have fun and fun and loads of fun. 

It was another fun filled day, and when me and Siddharth played high low game there was no low for him and all was high. Here is the revisit to the memories spent together thru my lens. 

Gearing up for the birthday
Boys having fun
josh mein
The Staff at the jungle gym

Tired but can have another round

Here we go!!
Siddharth in action
Enjoying the icecream
Siddharth on reading and Reet wondering!!

The above pic is so appropriate to sum up what we all had at the fun city. When we asked Siddharth did you miss your girl friends, and he said not at all. It was better in a way and other boys were saying dont even invite them next year, i am thinking my little son has grown up. I should look forward to the time now when he will take me and Reet for drive!!! Amen!! God Bless!!