Friday, January 30, 2009

Abra ka dabra

New words to be learn from Siddharth.. Siddharth look so cute when he says the below words in his own language i call it as Abra ka dabra.. it would be a nice idea to keep a record of these words:
Namak is Manak
Pazami is zamami

Technology is katnology

Takila is katila

Katori is takori

Ganja is Janga
Today i learnt Almirah is Amlirah

If you ask him Siddharth say namak very cutely he will say manak.. Though he can say it right also but he knows i smile if he says it wrong..

Keep Smiling:)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

AGRA Josh Trip - Two

In the college, we use to say that whatever you will do on the first day of the year, you repeat the whole year same thing...

The new year started with a josh trip to Rajasthan and within twenty days there was another exciting trip done...i believe it is going to be a series ... this is JOSH TRIP 2 and 3 is already planned... ?????

26th Jan. was long weekend... we didn't made any plans to go for any excursion. i was thinking to get some carpenter work done at my office.. but destiny was different.

My mom always says, jithoon da dana paani likyaa piyogee.. so it was destine to spend the weekend at AGRA .. The TAJ.. our first visit to TAJ with Siddharth.. The trip started with the excitement, as our friends got some booking earlier and asked us to join them. Since it was a long weekend we didn't get any booking and then a few hours before our booking was confirmed so we packed our bags and headed for AGRA.

Taj has always been magnificent to me i have loved the first look of TAJ, we Indians have done a marvelous job in building the TAJ....

The below one is me and vivek in year 2003...

and now with Siddharth....
yadein bus yadein rah jati hain...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Make a rule or break a rule!

We made one rule at the home for Siddharth, that he can watch one cartoon a day on TV. Else it is a never ending process for him.

For the last many days he stopped having lunch at school and the Tiffin will be untouched. Sometimes it made me sad, as I prepare special lunch for him of his own choice and being a mother it is always in mind mere putar ne khana khaya ya nahi….

So we made another rule, that if Siddharth doesn’t finish his lunch he cannot watch cartoon. Whenever I go to pick Siddharth from the school, he is finishing his lunch and the moment he will see me, he will run towards me and say Mamma aaj to mujhe one cartoon dekhne dego…. …. It makes me laugh on his innocence…

Sometimes if he is in a mood to watch another cartoon, he breaks the rule so smartly that I even cannot think of doing this... The moment one cartoon finishes he will say Mamma the first cartoon was not a cartoon it was an advertisement... and it was a big advertisement… I am again laughing and thinking that what a smart idea to break the rule…..

And I am again thinking…………to make a new rule…………………..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Destiny's Child!

This post is dedicated to Vivek, without his love and support the journey to this would not have been possible! Love you mummy daddy!

Destiny's child... That's what the article says about me... Few days back i got a call from Times Food Processing Journal, they have done some research. Looking into my profile and achievements in professional and personal life they have chosen me as a personality of month for publication in their magazine.

They even read my blog... The interview happened a month ago.. Yesterday afternoon i got the new that publication is out on Internet and below is the link..

Special Thanks to Kavi, for introducing me to a new tool for writing, which helped me to fill the questionnaire beautifully and many more to come!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Jaipur to Jaisalmer ..josh trip One !

This new year started with a trip to Jaipur, the plan was to go on the weekend before new year, but could not go as we all got busy into work. So it was postponed to next weekend, as it was destine to have the twist in the tale so it was postponed. The twist happened when we just reached Jaipur, we took one wrong turn to the way of resort at Jaipur and that turn became the turning point. The drive to the road was so beautiful that we decided to move further and the thoughts came to my mind let’s drive further and go to Jaisalmer the desert city… Vivek was like are you crazy it is drive of another 500 km or more .. I was convinced as we have four days off we can do it and let’s go… The car was stopped at one point and we did some search on the google, thanks to internet which made the plan successful and added flavours to it… first checked about the distance, then decided to have a halt at Jodhpur and move further..

Day 1 : 1st Jan On the way to Jodhpur
The sun was going for the day, and it made the view so beautiful... We stopped for a while ... It was amazing and after driving the car close to 600 KM we were not feeling tired and Siddharth and Vivek has all the energy to climb on the mountain of stones and cactus…they are looking so fresh in this photo..
Reached Jodhpur stayed at one of the heritage property Karni Bhawan, very good resort good food and good ambience and celebrated our first 600 km with the good music of rajsthani sitar….

Day 2: Jodhpur city
Second day morning was so fresh., visited the Mehrangarh Fort ( meharn means the citadel of sun) this was the first fort we visted together , quite useful and learning.. Siddharth wanted to play with the Top machines, he was so curious to see a big fort.. The another amazing fact, from the fort you can see blue house, in the old time King use to paint the house of Brahmin with the Blue color so that he can know from his fort looking at the color of the house, this tradition is still continued and gives us a magnificent view. Siddharth remembers this in his own way the people to whom king lovedhe painted their house with blue color.. On the walls of the fort there are few paintings still there called as fosil paintings. After the grand visit to the fort the journey towards Jaisalmer was started, to the way to Pokhran the city of birth for the nuclear atoms in INDIA, and started the way to desert.. Siddharth first step on the sand, on the way we saw the fields of Sarsoon in the desert, gives an example of hope and opportunity… We saw huge windmills on the way… and finally reached Sam dunes our final destination.. we were just 60 KM away from India Pakistan Border……

Day 3: 3rd Jan Jaisalmer Jaisalmer Fort,

the only fort in INDIA where people are still residing inside the fort. There are shops, hotels and homes, temples inside the fort. There is a tradition, whenever someone gets marry they print their name outside the house and the same is written till the next marriage in the same house. We had a wonderful visit to this fort.. and started towards the sand dunes… Siddharth was excited for the ride on camel… We were going in our own tune.. and just forget to get the fuel for car.. the car stopped .. Siddharth sat on the driving wheel and Vivek was pushing the car… got the lift from one of the local person and got the fuel for the car… On the camel ride Siddharth was getting uncomfortable and he decided to walk with the camel man.. it was quite funny me and vivek were on the camel and Siddharth was walking… It was good time at sand, watched the local dance, the sunset at the Jaisalmer…

clicked at sand dunes..
Moments of Siddharth excitement to see sand everywhere...
Day 4: Back to Gurgaon
Early morning started out the journey for Gurgaon. Someone suggested it is better to take Bikaner route on the way back and it was right suggestion, the road from jaisalmer to Bikaner was too good no traffic single road but straight …
Celebrated back to Gurgaon with the Gajar ka halwa in the winters here….. Yes the memories of the fun are still alive……
our first steps together at sand .. jaisalmer
yadein rah jati hain.........

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

We went to meet my brother on 31st DEC, he wished Siddharth happy new year, he asked me mama what is new year. I explained Siddharth today is the last day on the calendars of 2008, from tomorrow onwards a new year will start .. we believe that the new year gives you the new opportunities so you wish everyone Happy new year! He said in a very innocent manner no one has wished me happy new year! I immediately hugged him and wished him happy new year… We reached home, he saw our Gardener coming to our house.. he asked me Mamma what mamu told me in English was it happy ed I got immediately and corrected him Happy new year! He instantly went to our Gardener and wished him Happy new year! That was very sweet of him i was asking to myself are we also so adapting the way these kids are!

Here we are in the new year!Many good things happened… 2008 brought a turning point in my life, left the job and joined on a mission to fulfil my dreams! Siddharth shaped into a child with lots of energy, understanding, enthusiasm, and inquisitive. We moved to our own apartment to the home of our dreams…..

I always remembered that new year is like a blank page, fill it with the writing of love, happiness and togetherness! wish you all a great year with many more moments of love and togetherness!