Friday, May 29, 2009

On the blog of a story writer!!

Jeffrey Archer was in Gurgaon, me and siddharth went to listen his talk.. the talk was good, inspiring.. though Siddharth slept in my lap during the talk..
I went to take his autograph with Siddharth in my lap, and today to my surprise, when i saw his blog me and Siddharth are there.. I was glad to see Siddharth on his blog, as today only i wrote the Siddharth's stories on blog.. is it a some co-incedence.. i dont know i leave the answer to GOD!!
check the above link to see Siddharth on the great story teller's blog!!!

Balancing Act!!

Siddharth started skating classes, and we both started swimming.. we are balancing on water and earth!! He has shown tremendous amount of energy in skating... i can see a different confidence in his eyes and good flexibility in his body.. yesterday me and vivek both were watching him doing skating and realized he has grown up.. Siddharth gets up very amazingly when he fall during skating...
In swimming he is my coach, i am unable to float myself in water, and then he will come to me Mama aapko bilkul bhi heavy nahi rakhna, loose kar do itna asaan hai.. dekho i wil teach you and then he will do the race with Vivek in water... i was thinking i got less than what i wanted and more than what i expected!!
That's the balance in life!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

meri mitti kee khushboo!!!

Aryan and Siddharth playing with their new truck at Nanny House!!
Me and vivek both are travelling this week for our official trip to different part of INDIA... Siddharth is at Nanny's (maternal grandmom) place... Yesterday his Daddi ( paternal grandmom) called him up and he asked Daddi aap mere nanny ko kaise jaante ho, which made me think how deep he thinks.. and the another one We bought a truck for him on the way.. Today morning when i called up to ask him , he said mama i am filling my truck with Mitti and usmesee khushboo aa rahi hai. meri mittii kee khushboo.........

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garmi kee chutiyaan!!

Siddharth's summer holiday started since a week back he has got school home work which is very different from the school home work we did during our summer holiday.. as below
  1. Go with your mama and papa for a cycling in the morning
  2. collect leaves, stones etc from the places u visit
  3. count the no of rooms, fans etc at your home and make a note in your holiday booklet
  4. Observe shape and colours
  5. notice things which are soft, rough and smooth..

I read this page to siddharth and by evening he has noticed that my skin is soft and mama's skin is hard.. dari is rough ... it is a real fun even i am feeling like to be a child again.. specially when siddharth talks creative things, yesterday when i was reading a concept about gravity to him he said mama kitna achaa hota na agar space niche hota aur gravity upar hum sab astranaut hote..

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Megha re megha.....

It rained yesterday the first rain of this summer... the moment Siddharth saw it is raining he wanted to go in the rain... i was as always running after him to click him...
a poem of my childhood days came to my mind while writing this.. ( related to the importance of rain for the growth of rice in Punjab.. it is called oh God please shower the rain so that we have grains in our house) as we say in punjabi..
Rabba rabba minh barsa... sadi kothi danee pa...

Siddharth ke Batein.... Stories of Siddharth - Part I

Now a days Siddharth talks in a very cute and smart way so i thought i will write a series of his talks with me... This one happened when we were coming from his school today..
Usually In the afternoon after picking Siddharth sometime we go the bank if I have some job to do, one day Siddharth said mama I get bored so u finish your job before picking me up from school. I promised him to agree. A day before yesterday we saw one very interesting game named Mastermind at one of the friends place.. And Siddharth wanted me to buy for him.. Since it was a long time that I bought toys for him so I thought of buying this one for him. We decided to go after his school..
Today when we were coming back from school, Siddharth asked me Mama are we going direct home or somewhere else and he reminded me of my promise. I asked Siddharth we went yesterday to market, then he said very cutely Mama mein kal bhool gaya tha….
I was just laughing and thinking he is a smart kid of an innocent mom…………