Monday, August 21, 2006

Bhayia aapne tika nahi lagaya!

Yesterday evening at the Sai temple my three year old son has amazed me……

Every Sunday evening we go the Sai temple near to our house….. Yesterday we got late because of some unimportant work. When we reached temple the Aarti was performing and just after the aarti the temple gets closed.

My three year old son is fond of Prasad … since the temple was closing down, because of Baba went to sleep so there was no Prasad and Tika (tilak they put on the forehead) was given.

As we were coming out, Siddharth said that tika nahi lagaya … I said ok baby let’s go back …. As I was just turning around and the moment he saw the pujari he rushed to him and said in a very firm manner Bhayia tika laga do …. I was stunned, I was thinking of requesting the pujari Bhayia, but he reached and got what he wished…

There are so many dreams and wishes of our life … my friends I want to wish you all , reach out for your dreams…… as one of the favourite quote it’s always the first step and the journey of thousand miles starts with the first STEP……………………..