Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Inspiration in life!!

She has been my inspiration through out my life. She was married to a family where most of the members were from non education background. Her struggle in life has always inspired me. She has always shown me a new ways in life. She use to sit with me when I was studying my board exam in 10th class, the fragrance of her in my studies makes me happy now also. After coming from school, she will just give me a smile and I will forget all the tension of my life.
I remember I use to sit with her and recite her I learned from my school lessons, and then I will say something wrong to check whether she is listening me or not, I loved those small things with her. She never scolded me for this; she loved each and every prank of mine.
To make me successful is her aim in life. She has never been aggressive with me. I have loved her silence and small words of encouragement she has given me from time to time in my life. She gave me her time, her passion, her love, her patience, and many more for which I will always be short of words.
The day I got married we were separated to live life on our own.
I felt like somebody has taken me out from my roots, she is there to guide me but she wanted me to find the ways on my own now. She is there for me when I need a guidance, I never knew how to cook. So for small things I use to call her, she has never been impatient with me.
She has all the time in this world to attend me. She has never laughed on my silly questions and has always answered it with love. I gave birth to new life, and she took the responsibility of growing up the new life as I could not get much leave from the work. She never wanted me to leave the job, as happened in the case of most of my friends after marriage.

Today at the age of 60, when she cannot walk half a kilometer, as her knee joints are not supporting her. I cry when I wrote this post, as you can never see your parent weak. We have always seen them strong, carrying so much troubles but being happy.The hands which brought us in the life are needed to be hold today..

The way she tells me TU ghabra na ( you don’t worry), shows me that she is full with the will power…

Nanni aaap chini kee paronthee bahut ache banate ho, mama ko nahi aati.. listening this from Siddharth she will immediately run to the kitchen and fulfil his demand..

I love you Mummy!!

My mom with siddharth and his best friend mani..