Saturday, November 13, 2010

Park Mein Masti!!

Here comes the celebration of the birthday with the friends at home.. This time we decided to celebrate it on our park.. It was a wonderful sunny morning. The whether today complimented our idea.. 
Started with the introduction of kids.. The trick was to you will first say the name of the kids before you and then your name... 

and then the actions starts.. with football match. While sleeping today Siddharth mentioned that his team has won the match..

Those who were not interested for football.. did other interesting things..

Then there was Bazaar and sale with the notes(the fake notes looked liked the real one) and the kids had fun buying things.. 

and here comes the Gagan Mama with the Cake.. 

 No doubt about the shape.. BEN 10 

 and then some more action..

Tug of war
 PIthoo Garam
 Poshan pa bhai poshan pa
 Some discussion
and the final match was with the Bay Blade race.. This was the first birthday in seven years that it was all about boys, ben10 and bayblades... and now i know what it meant when i heard those beautiful words seven years ago.. "it is a boy" 
Happy birthday to you.. 
Happy birthday to me.. 
Happy birthday to all of us..
Every moment we are born...
Every moment we are free... 
Song we sing at Siddharth school for the celebration of birthday.........Love you Son..