Monday, December 15, 2008

Siddharth & Bakugun!

Justify FullAap mere saath Bakugun khelgo... Siddharth will come and asks me innocently.... not interested is hard to tell Siddharth.. but that's his new passion... the only game which i don't know how to play but he seems to know all in and out of the game... i cannot say Baby it so boring for me as he even wants to sleep with Bakugun, take it to the school and to the friends house you must be thinking what it is.. when i shared with my brother he said what it is i said you call Siddharth he will explain you..
It is a new Chinese game which is a battle game between two or more characters all of them has these difficult and uncommon name... Siddharth saw first time at his friends place and he wanted me to buy this for me.. first time i got trapped .. and here we are playing Bakugun...
This is quite interesting to know about these Chinese characters like pokemon, power rangers that really attract kids... and nothing of these toys is less than one thousands or 500/- bucks.. i will always compare it with a book of worth 500/- but yes this time the heart of mom has won over an intelligent lady yes i am happy because Siddharth is happy...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hamara Manch 2008!

Saturday was an annual function at Siddharth school, they name it as Hamara manchSiddharth day was started with the chant of om in the class and then the Gayathri mantar,

The teacher has written hamara manch on the stage, The way it was written was very creative; you cannot guess in the first go that it is alphabets... that is the theory of the school that there any many unfolded and unseen layers on the children mind which we overlook…

Siddharth learnt the whole poem; I was amazed when they started practice he did not enjoy much, he use to share with me Mamma maine aur kunwar ne practice kharab kar dee... I was just listening and wanted him to take his own decision… Then a day before Hamara manch he shared Mamaa didi (class teacher they call didi) ne bola aap sab achaa karo aur hamara manch achaa ho jayegaaa… then he was with full of his energy and then reciting the whole poem with actions I was again listening to him... it was fun and quite impressive of Siddharth that he remembered the whole poem specially the Three parrots which is a favorite of Me, Vivek and Siddharth….

Below are the pictures of his stage performance….

There was a stage performance, where the kids were making the map of india and representing national integrity, looking at that had tears in my eyes….

Siddharth best friends Amreen sarah, also came with us, and these all had great fun on the slider at the school including Vivek….

and everybody was telling Vivek to deposit the fee at the school!