Thursday, October 13, 2011

Science Exposition...

It was a new word for me when Siddharth shared his note in the dairy .. many a times our minds are so much preoccupied that we completely loose the opportunity to create the new ones.. But it was not true for Siddharth and his exposition at school. It was an eye opening event for all of us also. The theme for the Siddharth class was sound around us...

Sign post

Wind mill created by students  
Siddharth explaining about his project to the Director of the School

Story written by Siddharth on Sounds
Paavak group (Siddharth class)

The students were given the task to explain about their project, Siddharth doing the activity with his father and another parent

Siddharth explaining his project to Gagan Massi and Baani
A jungle show created by other group on theme shadows

Mud House created by Siddharth and his team

Siddharth classmate another project on sounds

and this last one by Siddharth reminds me 
बचों के नाज़ुक हाथों को आस्मां छु लेने दो
दो चार किताबें पड़ के यह भी हम जैसे बन जायेंगें