Friday, February 13, 2009

Journey of one year... Truly Natural

Today is the 1st birthday of Truly Natural... Truly natural i gave this name to my company as we deal into completely natural products.... We celebrate the birthday from the day we are out on the earth but we born the day we are conceived in the womb.. the name comes later...
We celebrated today the 1st birthday with a cake cut and a special dinner... and a movie on hope...JAI ho!! Thirteen February, Truly Natural was conceived. I conceived an idea of staring on my own..
This one year has been full of challenge, initial days were as tough as they are today... we did a good business and crossed one milestone of turnover... The main challenge was working from home , managing Siddharth, completing orders on time..overcoming challenges which were just thrown on me... but i loved all this... i loved to be free, loved to be on my own, loved that Vivek showered his support, loved the way Siddharth calls Mamma's company name, loved to be my own boss, loved my first order, loved my first challenge, loved my fears,love to be woken up in the nights about the dreams, loved to work on those early morning, loved my article in newspaper, loved the hope from nothing, loved the different views about me and my company.....loved to write this post!!!
Happy Birthday Truly Natural!!