Sunday, July 26, 2009

Words from the Sand!!

The small world of sand and water Siddharth made at park with the kids
It is raining today and Siddharth is writing the alphabets on the board.. we thought we will learn some alphabets today. I asked him to write the alphabets he remembers , he wrote few of them. After writing this he said mama ab aap mujhe enke baby alphabets bhee to likhne ko bolo, jaise didi(they call their class teacher didi) kahtee hai.. I liked the way he called the small alphabets as baby alphabets..
I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of Siddharth’s first alphabets which he wrote on his own..
Then all of sudden we went to the balcony to hear a noise of kids in the park, and we both were excited to see the kids in the park playing with the sand and making design with water and sand. Siddharth loves to play with sand and water, so I asked him u want to join them with your sand kit. He immediately said yes, mama I will do the study when I am back.
I thought the alphabets he can learn later and he will anyways learn it. But the learning he will have from these little group of kids, with the passion they all were playing in the sand. They all got more passionate , when Siddharth shared his sand kit with them. They all ran towards him to catch his sand kit.
Mama was clicking them from top ..and when he was back mama mujhe bahut maza aaaya .. humne bahut masti kari…

Megha re megha mat pardes ja tu… aaj tu prem ka sandesh barsa………………
( clouds don’t go away give us some message of love)