Sunday, November 08, 2009

Birthday Siddharth!!

Siddharth felt excited for the celebration of his birthday. We celebrated Siddharth’s birthday with creativity and some different way.. 

This time creativity started from the invitation card, i have a good collection of old marriage cards, so we used the plain side for the pasting of printouts which has a nice little poem on it..

 आयो खेले..खेल खेल में..
मनाये हम यह दिन..मेरा जनमदिन.. 
तुम भी आयो.. हम भी मिले.
और मिल कर करें शोरना हम हो बोर
मस्ती में हो जाए सराबोर… 

Siddharth designing and making stories on the back of card

Invitation card
All the kids were invited to the Play Zone area, a place in a shopping mall which is normally used as a baby sitter when parents shop.. we choose as birthday destination..

And the kids had so much of fun beyond our expectations… below are the few pictures..


खेल खेल में मनाया हम ने यह दिन
बहुत मजा आया....................