Thursday, January 21, 2010

Questions and Questions...

Siddharth wanted to buy a book so we headed towards the book store, we started selecting books. In the process i selected a book for him, the moment he saw it he knew that book. He started telling me the stories looking at the book.

Siddharth narrating the story at book store 
After selecting few books for him,we moved to the toy section to buy a toy for one of his  friends birthday.  He started playing with few of the airplanes. I went out to search few books for me and when i came back, siddharth asked me innocently Mama i want to buy this airplane. I asked Siddharth we have come to buy book not a toy. Here is a cute question, ठीक है लेकिन आप मुझे Book  की जगह toy क्यूँ नही खरीद सकते... ( why can't you buy me a toy instead of a book) I did not had any answer.. so we ended up buying a toy. And i was smiling on the innocence of a six year old kid. 

And yes he got the book also, when we were reading the book. It was written that bear baby is called cub, male bear is called a boar and a female bear is called a sow ,a group of bear is called sloth.. he asked me तो bear किसे कहते हे ( Who is called bear? ) 

again i have no answer to it... any answers.:)