Thursday, July 30, 2009

Attitude and Life

Everything around is growing at its own pace and giving us a beautiful feeling.. Many new flowers have grown in the house… welcoming the spring or rain…and giving me a hope of life..

Siddharth has learned the skating. I learnt swimming (I use to afraid from water)…Gaggi Mamu( my brother) has gone to Mumbai.. His lunch at subway replaced with the Vada Pao.. We are growing to not having him around us on weekends…we miss you Gaggi Mammu..

There is a momentous change in the patterns Siddharth makes now.. Earlier he use to make small and closed, now he always explain to me and makes a story around it.. He has never played any of the puzzles the way directions are given on the box. He will always make his own ways, and I somehow feel great about it.

The new pattern siddharth made with the wooden slabs

The most growing thing is his talks, the small incidence which happened today gave me a big laugh I thought it deserves a sharing here:

Siddharth wanted the ice cream and it is there in kitchen, I was working on my laptop.

Siddharth: Mama where is my ice-cream

Me: It is there in the kitchen

Siddharth: Mama aaap mujhe do…

Me: ( being engrossed in work) : Aaap aapne aap le lo..

Siddharth: I don’t like this attitude..

with this he went to kitchen picked his ice cream ate it and I am still thinking…. He must have heard it from us and used it perfectly..

I love this attitude of yours Siddharth…Love u baby!!

Aankhoon mein juske koi to khayaab hai...