Monday, December 28, 2009

Colours of Christmas!!

Siddharth made this at school, on the Christmas eve. He called this as reed and shared the below story about the colours of christmas, which i never knew. 
Green colour: जॅहा पे jesus born हुए थे..वाहा पेड़ था ओर वो green colour का था
Red color : एक अंकल थे वो देखते रहते थी किस गर्ल को क्या चाहिए और डाइयरी में नोट करते थे जो भी गर्ल कहते उसे ड्रेस चाहिए वो उसे ड्रेस दे देते ...वो Santa  के कपड़े पहनते थे और वो  red color का था!
White Colour : White snow पड़ती थी  jesus के पास घर नही था और white उनका favourite colour बन गया... 

Christmas Cake Siddharth learned at school and we tried at home.. they tasted yum..

Siddharth giving cake to Lakshmi didi...
Siddharth got Truck, book, bubble wala and gulel as a gift from Santa, vivek got the perfume and me got the pair of red socks...

दिल है छोटा सा छोटी सी आशा...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

कुछ दिल से!

The last month of the year is at the end, with the new year at few days  apart making new promises and new commitments. So many things happened in this last month that i just could not get the time to come here..

Here is the snapshots:

Me and Siddharth did the role of Santa at Siya's  Birthday party daughter of our friends Asha and Sumant .. With love i call Siya puttar (means son/daughter in punjabi) and now she fondly calls me Santa Claus..:)

 Siya with hum sab kee favourite Jyoti Massi

Then we met with the new member of our family.. Siddharth's little sister Shreya ( Vivek's brother daughter)

Cute little Shreya on a bean bag 
and Siddharth met his Vipin Chachu(Vivek's brother)  after Five years as they live in US .. 

Siddharth with his Chachu

आ चल के तुझे में ले के चलूं एक ऐसे गगन के तले
जहाँ गम भी ना हो आँसू भी ना हो बस प्यार ही प्यार प्ले...!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kuch nayee Kadam!!

Siddharth With his friends Mani & Khushi at the skating ground 

This Sunday was spent at Delhi, Siddharth participated in an event of skating. This was the first competition for siddharth. 

The ground was full with kids, Siddharth was quite confident like all other kids. I remembered when i have to perform in a fancy dress show at the age of seven i was really nervous. Now  day's kids are very confident. 


All of the kids performed very well. Though he has not got the first position but he was happy on getting a trophy and certificate for participation. When he shared this in his class at school,he mentioned अगर में First आता तो मुझे मेडल मिलता...(if i would have scored the first position i could get the medal)

Siddharth with the participation certificate and trophy
I am glad at his participation, anyways he has given me the award for life as he has started reading three letter words in English....

यूँही क्ट जाएगा सफ़र साथ चलने से
मंज़िल आयगी नज़र साथ चलने से...