Friday, May 29, 2009

On the blog of a story writer!!

Jeffrey Archer was in Gurgaon, me and siddharth went to listen his talk.. the talk was good, inspiring.. though Siddharth slept in my lap during the talk..
I went to take his autograph with Siddharth in my lap, and today to my surprise, when i saw his blog me and Siddharth are there.. I was glad to see Siddharth on his blog, as today only i wrote the Siddharth's stories on blog.. is it a some co-incedence.. i dont know i leave the answer to GOD!!
check the above link to see Siddharth on the great story teller's blog!!!

Balancing Act!!

Siddharth started skating classes, and we both started swimming.. we are balancing on water and earth!! He has shown tremendous amount of energy in skating... i can see a different confidence in his eyes and good flexibility in his body.. yesterday me and vivek both were watching him doing skating and realized he has grown up.. Siddharth gets up very amazingly when he fall during skating...
In swimming he is my coach, i am unable to float myself in water, and then he will come to me Mama aapko bilkul bhi heavy nahi rakhna, loose kar do itna asaan hai.. dekho i wil teach you and then he will do the race with Vivek in water... i was thinking i got less than what i wanted and more than what i expected!!
That's the balance in life!!!