Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reet's First Visit To Punjab

After long awaiting, the last long weekend was spend at Punjab with my parents. My mom did a small ritual on the arrival of Reet at her house, which she did last time on the arrival of Siddharth. We call it ( tel warna). Reet enjoyed the whole process. She was very comfortable with her nanny and nanna also. I believe God gives this sxth sense to kids. She got settled soon and enjoyed her stay at her nanny house. For Siddharth, he loves Punjab more than his own home. This time he could express his thoughts to me. There is no one in the house who restricts him to do anything, he enjoyed breaking Guava from the tree, playing with the pipe in water and reading book.

Reet and Siddharth enjoying at Nanny house
Reet enjoying the Lap of Nanni
Siddharth playing connect Four

Reet Turning back on the sound of sewing machine

Whenever i look at the greenery in this pic, the openness of the green field reminds me of simplicity, honestly and togetherness in the people of Punjab which i always cherish and feel proud that i belong to Sada Punjab.