Monday, November 06, 2006

Different mood swings!!

Have You ever enjoyed Frooti like this!!

Isme kya hai!!
Mama ko pata chal gaya!! Caught you!!

Creative Puzzle and Siddharth!

Kids learn things very fast …. That siddharth has shown me in so many things..

Few days back I bought the another puzzle for him, thanks to one of my friends, she use to tell that you should expose the kids to different kinds of puzzle, they develop the brain layers to do solve the things in more than one way, I don’t know how much it is going to help.. But Siddharh can solve the puzzle from the age of one and half year and he enjoys doing it so I pick mostly the educational toys and puzzle for him…

This puzzle is about the play and spell, where you have to make the things like bag, car, fruits by joining the three or more pieces..

Intially I gave him all the pieces of one word, he joined.. within fifth attempt, now he can recognise the particular word pieces like Car, Cake, Dol, Mango and he can pick the pieces from the pool and join them…. and he made mango and frog.. the another good thing after making frog he will jump like frog....

And then he will say Mama clap karo... I will just look at siddharth and say WOW and then think what next puzzle for him...