Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday at School!!

Every year we are invited on Siddharth's Birthday to his school for the lighting of Lamp ( Diya) I have always loved this and me and Vivek both look forward to it..

The ceremony goes like this, after doing the exercise and chanting of mantras, we parents are asked to come to his class. we need to take sweets they don't allow anything else.

We sit with Siddharth in the circle along with the whole class and didi's  and the below is the poem which school sings..

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to me
Every moment we are born,
Every moment we are free
Happy birthday to all of us
Happy Birthday to me...

And then one of the parent lit the diya... and then Didi says Bhoomi group (Siddharth) sing your song... and then they sing the song we all know yes...

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy birthday dear Siddharth... Happy Birthday to you....

Then we are back home with these sweet memories... but this time we came back with surprise that Siddharth did not cry to come back home with us.. He was enjoying with his friends.. 

And i found the real meaning in the poem.. 

Every moment we are born.. 
Every moment we are free... 
Happy birthday son!!