Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Love means care, love is when a father just want to be there for his daughter. Love is when a father wants to play football and watch movie with his son. Love is when a daughter hears the sound of the laptop bag of her father and she leaves her toys and runs for him. Love is when a mom leaves her job just to be with her kids. Love is when a husband waits for his wife at the restaurant and orders food when she arrives. Love is when a son tells his mom, you dont pick heavy bags till the time your report comes to normal. Love is when a little sister is going to fall and she calls for her big brother name. 

Love is not sending flowers or cake, love is to take care of each other as a family. Today is valentine and i am glad we spend this day together as a family..
Happy Valentine to Siddharth and Reet!!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Parenting - a wonderful experience!!

Her maternal grandfather use to call his wife Rani and she will repeat it the whole day. She started speaking at the age of eight months, she use to crawl in a very unique way. Where ever she accompanied her mom people will tell her mom you have a beautiful daughter. She weaned from her mother's milk on her own. She never irritated her mom, she never complained about anything. She was an apple of eye of her father and will look forward to cling to him when he will be home. She will be scared when someone calls her name while she is doing something with full concentration. She can have tears on a very small thing. She will say hi to everyone and does till date. 

Yes it is my and my daughter's story. Reet came into my life when my son Siddharth has reached to a stage where he does not needs my support for daily chores. He is turned into a very intelligent, sharp mind kid like his father. He can do his homework on his own, and his reading skills are simply marvelous. I feel proud when he tells me mume i am better than u in English, yes in maths you are very good.

I reinvented the wheel of deprived sleep, diaper changing, feeding the baby, potty training etc.. But somehow i am happy, blessed and contented with doing all this again. I am happy taking a back seat at my career. Sometime people complain about having so many holidays in school, i look forward to those moments with both my kids.

I want to enjoy each and every moment of this part of life called parenting. I want to be in complete love with this part where my daughter is just learning to speak few words and my son can write complete stories. For me the most beautiful time is when Reet affectionately calls her brother " bhayia"  i want to rejoice her first word "una"  which was followed by mume, Daddy, bye, de de, aaja.... 

I want to frame the moment when Siddharth reads me a story!! 

Life is fun filled, challenging, beautiful and adventure with two  of them around. Sometime it gets tough but then it reminds of the lines i read on the wall of the mother care store.

"For that wonderful, frustrating hilarious, serious, exhausting and beautiful experience called parenting" 

When i look at above picture, it reminds me that days will come when both Reet and Siddharth will be leading an independent life the way their parents has done. Till then i want to enjoy writing this blog and this part of life called parenting.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Family Picnic!!

This post is overdue by many days. On 26th jan this year, we thought of having a picnic with the complete family. Idea was to invite all cousin and Chachas, bua of Vivek . We never had this kind of an intended get together, so people were little skeptical.Vivek started this job of calling, but then he got busy into meetings. I took responsibility of the whole thing, thinking Vivek will feel happy and Siddharth will have good time knowing the family. I was also excited and little scared, as whenever there is something to do with fun and masti i get excited and sometimes go overboard. These things go well with the friends but with the family you need to be careful.

The work started with calling everyone, it was not easy to convince everyone, somehow it was done beautifully. Some cousin said yes some said we will confirm. In the end we came close to twenty in number, it was a day filled with fun and masti. It was day fun with the cousin we have met only in weddings, or on family function. 

It was a day leaving behind all the busy things and unwinding . It was a day to know each other and appreciating the qualities you posses as a person, to know your philosophy in life. It was a day appreciating and encouraging each other and bonding as one family. 

Here is the glimpse of the moments spent together, which is fresh as a sweet memory in my mind.

Reet Enjoying the open area at Nehru Park
Siddharth Catching Frees bee
All Time Captain
Reet with her Bua's
The best Chat papri in this world!! Specially made by Arvind Chachu
Champs at Kho Kho

The gang picture clicked by Siddharth Kalra
Yummy Food made by experts in Kalra Family
Champs of Football

Generation Next

Rachit Kalra the most handsome bachelor in the family
Raghav Kalra in the thinking pose
Kalra Family at its Best!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I always love surprise gifts and my hubby knows about this and I remember the two surprise gift he has given me in the last few years. My first camera and a branded chain watch from his recent visit to USA.

You must be thinking she is bragging about the surprise gift, but this post is all about my little girl who is growing beautiful and giving me beautiful surprises on her journey. When i shared this to Reet's Gagan massi she said dont worry now everyday is a surprise. So i thought let me start by writing this post.

Last weekend i taught Reet how to put rings in a rod, and she surprised me by the speed she learned. I was so happy and amused that i wanted that time should stop at this moment and she should keep on doing the same. 

Initially i have to hold the base for her, and now if it falls also she correct it herself. Here is the small revisit thru the picture. 

बच्चों के छोटे हाथों को चाँद सितारे छूने दो,
चार क़िताबें पड़ कर यह भी हम जेसे हो जाएँगे..