Friday, June 10, 2016

Madras 21: Going to School

Day 1
Reet: Mom again i have to got to apl school. 
Day 2: 
Reet: Mom i don't want to go apl school one more time. 
Reet: Mom tomorrow you go to school I will go to Srishti. 
Me: Reet how will you manage work at Srishti
Reet: With People. 
Day 4: Mom are you going to Srishti tomorrow? 

You started your formal schooling now from June 6th. Your teacher says you are very independent and has settled very well in the class. Kartik and Samantha are your friends.

You started schooling late very unlike other kids, who starts schooling at the age of 2. We all including you are very happy that you were around us all the time, specially me. You were my shadow, you had so many real life experiences with me that you became very independent and expressive.

You are very sharp, we believe you will get school as a great platform to perform. Reet always remember you are our star in the family. We all love you so much specially your brother. He may not express his feeling verbally to you, but i see him being very protective and supportive to you all the time. I want you to remember this always and would like you to look up to him for anything.

This year is special for both of your schooling, you started school and your brother will change his school from Pathashaala to Kodaikanal international school.

Your fav dress to the school

Your bhai and your carer Kavitha Aka 

Coming back from school with Papa 

I wish you good luck my chote sai and believe you will write this chapter of your life also very beautiful. Love you and stay blessed!! 

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Madras 20 - Can we do this together?

My darling Reet,

This post is for you, for me to remember always your beautiful, mature and smart way of expressing yourself. Yes, the way you express yourself it’s very hard to believe that a four-year-old is talking. 

You are a beautiful soul, your dialogues with me are something very beautiful I will like to cherish always with me.

Today at the age of four you talk with a complete sense and can impress anyone with your vocabulary and little cute talks. You are fearless in talking and approaching to anyone.
I have been writing down few of your dialogues with me and today I am compiling all of them here for both of us to cherish. These are all your words from two words to first complete sentences.

When you first started talking, you will express in three words with translation like  Pani water pani… At the age of two you were talking in two words like

Mumma Chaihiyee
Puglendi Chahiyee
Pani Chaiyee… 

At the age of three you were talking in complete sentences
I do not like to sit in a car seat
Papa gadi chala rahe hain
Jingle bells Santa town on seeing Santa made with lights
I cannot take scooter
Mujhe nahi para chappal
Where is papa Siddharth
Jan5, 2015

She want to touch it a dog
How reet
I do not know
Can I try
I want to drink water
She needs water
I want to plant the water
I don't like this
Mama what happened
You crying
Mama what is this
This is torch you take this torch Starbucks gurgaon jan 11, 2015

Srsihti and Siddharth and Nani
Roti banner hai
Bike chala rahe hain
What is this
Yeh kahaan de lays
Money wow
Let me eat chips
22jan 15

Reet: Muma where is aunty gone
Me: To her house
Reet: Where is her house
Me: Adyar
Reet: Oh Adyar
Mumma why you doing my rubber band
Momma why are you crying do not cry I  sorry
Feb 4. 2015

Me: Reet how was Kamudi
Reet: Kamudi was looking at me, Looking at me one more time and then looking at me - Oct 8, 2015 

This ring has diamond

Mom where are you 
I am driving
Why are you driving 
I like driving
Oh you like driving 
i also want to drive 

On off
ipad slow 
I will doond  sun block 
Dhamptika yes san bakan hai 
Up Zero 
This is very scpiy 
Haanzi Mama what are you saying 
Upsatairs 25 september 2015 

Mom you do not go 
Papa thanks for the iPad 
Papa so many ba ba
Papa you like the jacket 
oh beautiful dress
I like your hair - Oct 1, 2015 
Papa can I have this for ten minutes…
No, I want to have it for more…  March 3, 2016

These are few of the dialogues, you are an amazing child with so many talent and gifts inside you, I wish that you always stay the same independent and clear in your mind. I love your way of expression and will and my favourite one will always be when you say Ya Swatantra ..Oh my GOD !! The firmness in your tone makes me fall in love with you over and over again.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Madras 19 - I am four Cinderella!!

Dear Reet 

You have turned four, it is a very special number and a special day for us. You have made us four by coming into our life. You have a very beautiful soul and little bundle of cuteness ( As your brother calls you). You are the the one who binds us all together in one thread and makes life more beautiful with your cuteness, distinctiveness and innate character. 

I have never met a child who is so mature and beautiful in same way. At the age of four you expresses yourself so beautiful. You love to play with Atta and make cookies, pizza from same. You will come to us and presents us in a very beautiful way that we cannot stop falling in love with you more and more.... You love your children because they belong to you, but then there are children you love them more and more on their character... on their small little things they express you with their innocence. You are much beyond than your innocence my child, you always know what you are doing and only do things which you like the most. If you do not like anything, no one can make you convince to do same. I love your conviction in you and your thoughts. 

Another beautiful quality in you, that If you like something in someone you include that in you. In this way you are my true reflection and my anchor. You have picked your accent from our dutch friend Marleen. From your cupcakes video you have learned how to present things so well. Even when you play with your toys, you give a introduction of what you are going to do. And I love the way you say " Hey Guys" 

On playing, you don't like to play with regular toys. You love to make your own games from the same. Like with Coco Crazy, you love to put monkeys on your fingers, with railroad you love to reorganise same. You start making puzzles but then you get bored from same. 

I cannot believe that its been only four years that you came into our life, with you its look like you were always there with us and we were never alone. 

You don't like if I scold or suggest anything to Siddharth, you will first hear what I say to him and then you will tell me.. Mom don't say this to Siddharth Virjee he doesn't like it.  You can control everyone in the house with your cuteness and we all will agree without any hesitation. 

I have never taught you anything and you have learned all the color name on your own. You know about the names of all the princess and I love the way you take care of your things. 

You don't let me dress you anymore and love to dress yourself . You have learned a very unique way of making sari from my scrafs, and your passion for nail polish is known to all my friends. When we visit them, the first thing you ask them is to put nail polish on your nails. You don't like any clips in your hair, and love to leave them like this. Sometimes you like to put hairband but no so regular. I miss this part with you, as I want to comb your hair and make ponytails. 

You love to put flower in your hair and can approach any women in Madras and woo her with your cuteness and get flowers from her. You have a very unique way of putting flower and you don't like it any other way. 

When we visited Disneyland in Dec, you only wanted to go and meet Cinderella, and we were astonshied when you asked her to dance for you and she danced.. Those were the moments I wanted time to stop and wished that we stay frozen in that moment. 

On your forth birthday, we made a cake of Cinderella for you, and it was so beautiful that even you do not wanted to cut same... Here is you our Cinderella with your Cinderella... 

I wish you a very happy birthday my chote sai and pray to God that you remain same as you are today, so pure and beautiful!! Amen! And I thank Divine for a little bundle of cuteness in our life!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Madras 18 - Expressing and exploring!!

For the last few days, letters from Siddharth and talks from Reet Inspired me to write this post. 

Siddharth letters are all about how is he exploring the different faces of world like friendship, love, sadness, caring, happiness etc... His question are very interesting, whom we should trust? Why we talk on different level to different people? How we are happy and sad at same time? What is life? I feel very blessed when you ask me these kind of questions. You have been asking me questions since you started talking, and I have always enjoyed them and answered them to my best level of knowledge. 

In this post I am not going to answer any of your question, I am writing here so that when you both grow up and build your own nest. I come here and read and enjoy my days of parenting with you. 

I want to remember always that I have thoroughly enjoyed a complete contrast in my parenting to both of you. 

Siddharth , You are at exploring your world of question and where Reet my younger one and my chote sai you are expressing so beautiful. You are so intelligent that you always amuse me with your talks.

Few days back you got up in the morning and said Mom I want to say good morning to Ipad.

Today when I was resting you came looking for me with Ipad in your hand and we have a beautiful conversation: 

Reet: Mom can I sit here
Me:  Yes Reet, close your iPad. 
Reet: Mom, I am going out, and after few seconds you came again and said Mom don't get up. You are sleeping so sleep. 

You love to play roles of different people and instruct us to call you by those roles. You love to play role of your friend Poornima, Aru Aunty and Bhaiya... 

I feel so happy and blessed with two of you around and love you my children. May you experience this beautiful world with your ways to cherish!! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Madras 17 - On your own!!

When today you used these words, I realized that while you are getting complete independent to do everything on your own,we all are living our life on our own at different places. Siddharth is in Pathashaala, Your Papa traveling all around the world ( not stayed more than three nights at one place) and you, me at Madras. 

It has been the most wonderful year in all of our life. We all are learning and experiencing new life at our places independently. When we are together it feels like we are always living together with each other.

Yesterday when you and I were cycling, you were first hesitant to ride on your own. You wanted me to push your cycle, in my heart I knew you can ride full paddle. I shared with you that you can do on your own now. And you did one full round, while we were coming back you noticed that many people around us do things on their own. A lady is bringing flower, Bhaiya is riding bike and you even mentioned about Siddharth also riding on his own. Now, if i tell you to do anything you will confirm with me, Oh on my own. here are the things you do on your own:
  1.  You can dress and undress yourself. 
  2. You can carry a watermelon from the car parking to home and i love the way you expressed baba re baba re at the weight you were carrying.
  3. On shoes you wear what you like to and that since you turned three. And it is the most difficult task to take you out from shoe section in any shop.
  4. You choose your dress since last one year and it takes very difficult for us to convince your Papa on your choice sometime. 
  5. You eat your food on your own. 
  6. You have your way of doing everything and you do not like to follow others. This you have picked up very well from me. You are just like me on this. 
  7. You can implement things very fast, this is another thing you inherited from me. 
  8. Today when i was adding masala to sabzi, you wanted to mix certain ingredients and you were very happy when i gave one masala peti to you. 
  9. You love to talk on phone and make your own conversation.  
  10. The most amazing thing, you handle knife and scissors very well and help me in cutting vegetables.
Bhai is amazed on your way of handling kitchen knife so beautiful June 2015

Wearing your shoe Feb 2015

Playing with pattern and making your own design Sep 2015

Your and Mine Masala Petti 16 sep 2015
The only thing you still sleep on my tummy and I am going to cry the day you will sleep on your own, my chote sai. I love the way you are growing and making your understanding of this beautiful world. I wish you become a very amazing girl!! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Madras 16 - Cute Little talks by little one

Reet my little one, my chote sai. You are learning too fast then I could imagine you to grow at this speed and understanding. Your command at voice and language is very good at the age of 3 years and six months. You can win anyone heart by your cute looks and talks. 

You know how to make a conversation more dramatic and get things done for you. You can engage all of us with just a smile. Siddharth is home for his summer holiday and house is filled with so much of love, laughter and your naughtiness from both of you. Authority you show him and display in front of us with your brother it seems that you are the one who is more demanding and loving at same time.

There are few sentences which I want to make a note here... I know sooner you will be talking like us and then i will like to come here and cherish memories of these talks with you.
  •  I want to take a bath: You love water and along with bath you wanna to give bath to your dolly, wash your cloths and love to hear song from me.. ( Let it shine...) if i forget you never forget to remind me by your cute little way.. Mumma Reet ko  want to shine chahiyee... And yesterday you even gave a bath to my iphone.  
  • I want to do a ipad: When we say no you are ready with your strategy which is different for everyone. With Papa you just need to show him your sad face, with Vir jee you are the most tough he has to save himself from you. and with me you will say keep it here... and when i am not around you will take it.
  •   I want to do padai ( when Siddharth sits for his homework you need all that what he is doing) 
  • I want to draw:) This is your favourite pass time and you do it very beautifully i will write one more post with pictures.   
  • I want pani :) Sometimes you wakes up in the night and ask for same.
  • I want to eat like this:) You never like me to feed you and eat your food on your own since age of two years.  
  • Wear appe appe:) You started this now and you can make yourself dress very beautifully. You love wearing dresses and choose your dress on your own. Sometimes you want to dress like me, wear a kurta and sari.  
  • Want to color:) You have made some beautoful color pictures with your fingers paints. 
  • Wash my hands there:) You can spend hours doing this.
  • Want the computer with the song:) Your favourite ones are Punjabi dance, Lungi dance and pani pani
  • Want to put a picture Other song with phone ok mamma :) means you want to listen above mentioned song on my phone
  • Let me play this:) When i call you and you want to continue your play
  • Mumma yeh dekho mosquito cut:) The only cut you know is by mosquitoes
  • I can't like it about this:) When you do not want anything we do with you. 
You are very independent my child, And you knew that I love you more when you call Siddharth vir jee and you do it when you want me to feel happy. 

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Madras 15 - Pathashaala

April 3rd, we went to Siddharth school for inauguration of study center. We all were so delighted to meet him , but you were the one who was expressing it so beautiful and in a very excited way. From the gate of the school you were calling his name. 

You hugged him, kissed him and do not wanted to be away from him, When I see both of you loving each other I never want you to separate. Here are some moments of togetherness.
When we were coming out we cried a lot and do not wanted to be separated from him. You started saying that Siddharth is in boarding school, I rarely used this term. When we sat in the car you wished to stay with him. I know you two are the most understanding children I have ever seen.

I am writing this post for both of you as a sweet reminder in your memory lane, that it is good for Siddharth to be in Pathshaala as it has shaped his life in many amazing ways. The most beautiful thing is he is enjoying his life to the best. My dear children, always enjoy this separateness the way you both do when you are not together. I hope you will always appreciate your bond and  be there for each other always. Amen!!