Thursday, November 09, 2006

Helping Others!

In the hot month of August at NH 8; I was coming from a book shop with Siddharth in our lovely car swiftu… Those two eyes met with me for a second, I stopped the car… asked the lady DO you need any help? That was unusual of me stopping the car at the highway … She answered with the mixed expression of fear and happiness yes…. I asked can I drop you somewhere. She was so happy yes I want to go to IFFCO chowk it was not on my way but still I said, ok come and sit... I started the car, with a relief she said I am so happy to get the ride, I am not familiar with this area, I came for an interview and for the last one hour I am waiting to get an auto, no bus is stopping and the Rickshaw wala is charging me very high... Thanks so much... I said, “its fine, this route is different there are no autos and bus doesn’t stop, are you sure that you can reach home safely if I drop you to the Chowk.” The chowk came and she blessed Siddharth and she went her own way….

By mistake or by fortunate, I had received an e mail from a fresher student of Food technology who has sent the application for the job, thinking that I can get him a job… The cover letter was written so badly that whosoever will read ignore it… I took down his no and called him up and told him to give me a call at my cell in the evening…. Without knowing who he is I thought of helping him out… he wanted to meet me , came to my home, and gave him few tips for how to write the cover letter, refined his resume, how to approach people in the industry, which is the different companies he can give a try…. His family and he were wondering that how can someone help without knowing the person….. The same incident happened when a girl from karnal called at our office and our reception transferred the phone to me…

One mail of a supplier came to my desk, the moment I opened I realised it doesn’t belongs to my department, passed it to everyone all said no… I was in a fix how to find out the purpose of the letter… an idea came called up the supplier, he was not on the seat , left the message no reply, called again in the evening… he was in a off mood and tried to be in fighting mood with me, i said ne thing, Dear Sir, I don’t know anything about this letter, I have called to help you out if you think that by fighting with me you will solve the purpose then go ahead, but this is not going to help you rather you should listen patiently as I am going to give you the right person’s name… then he really calmed down…

Yesterday , me , siddharth and my younger brother were coming out of the lift, when I saw one old man struggling with the gas cylinder he was carrying , all of a sudden I approached to the cylinder from the other end and helped him to the car… A big smile was on his face…. J J

It reminded me of few words by Mother Teresa People may really need help but may attack you If you help them. Help people anyway.

I really don’t know why I am like this… May be I do all this to heal my heart, to give happiness or…………….??

Zindagi ek Safar hai……………….
Jisne samajah liya who mast hai…
Zisne paa liya who shaant hai….
Zise nahi mila who talaash mein hai….

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