Saturday, July 14, 2007

Find a way or Make a way!

I bought an activity book for Siddharth along with so many other plane, fun with words on my few days back visit to the bangalore from Blossom Book store. The concept of the book is very neat. It contains the activity like find a way, colours, count big small objects…
I remember in our times, getting these kinds of books was so tough. I use to get only one or two it’s kind of puzzles in Comic Champak..

Siddharth was amazing in understanding the concept in a minute and making the way for the caterpillar to reach to the leaf.
Today morning he came to me and asked me Mamma there is no way for the Auntie to reach to the house can u find, I was surprised and actually there was no way for the Auntie to reach to the house the puzzle was printed wrong..
I just made one line out the puzzle and showed him, since the auntie is old so she cannot go in a zig zag manner let her go in the simple way…

It reminded me of solving the puzzle for getting the death by chocolate ice cream for Vivek from Corner House Bangalore.
I went to the shop and asked him about taking the ice cream to Delhi, he refused and said it can only stay for half an hour.

I was in a no mood to leave it, so got the understanding from him how do they make it. What are the ingredients he explained me there is a cake, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Then I requested him can you give me cake and sauce separate and leave the vanilla part the rest all are your specialty and ice cream is the part which will melt and spoil the whole thing. By taking things separate i can prepare DBC complete at home.
And we finally enjoyed DBC after making the way for the caterpillar to eat leaf…

I have learned from Siddharth or he has learned from me... is still a puzzle to solve...

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Anonymous said...

Corner House, well it reminds me of Bangalore. I am not really an ice-cream person but still corner house was a favourite.