Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chak De INDIA!

This post is not about the review of the movie… But the things happened in such a way that this title was best suitable…

Gag did some booking for the Chak De .. for the night show at 10.45 PM on the independence eve. The dinner was at his house and then all of us were going together for movie.. We started from home around 8.30 PM. To our surprise three was a traffic jam on the road, since it is the mountain road, on one particular turn people overtake and clog the traffic… After waiting for minutes, I and Vivek decided to come out of the car to manage the traffic on the road… We did that in less than 20 minutes.. To every passing car i was communicating please don’t overtake just drive in your lane… People lowered down their windows, thanks you are doing a great job, i thought everyone wants to do the same it just the initiative…

Reached Gag home, had dinner and started for the movie, when we were at a distance of 10 minutes from the movie Hall, Traffic got dead.. I could not tolerate it for more than 20 minutes, and came out of the car.. A young man from one car asked me What’s happening, I said come and help us to solve the traffic your partner will drive the car.. He was Deep.
Finally me , Vivek and Deep were on the road managing traffic, there were people who drove their car to the wrong lane and choked it, Deep was saying it is impossible, I told him don’t worry let’s start telling these people to take their cars back. Once you are on the road, you will be shocked by the attitude of the people. There was a man sitting in a car of Govt of India and driving in wrong lane. I told him if you do the mistake how you will stop others. Many of them refused to take their cars back; I have to share with them there is no way you can reach your destination by driving in wrong lane. I have left my three year old son in the car with my brother and have come down to solve it, kindly co operate.
I was amazed at myself and my confidence of convincing a mass of educated people to take their cars back… and got the title of Jhansi Ki rani from Deep…
We were their at the Movie hall 10 minutes late from the scheduled time, the moment we were inside the hall. Movie was yet not started.. All of us were shouting with joy…
INDIA’s Birthday and Mama’s B’day :

Siddharth was sharing with everyone today is India birthday (her school teacher taught him) and mama’s Birthday (we taught him) In the middle of CHAK DE everyone was wishing me happy birthday and Flag of India was fluttering on the screen….

I always have these mixed feeling of Independence day and my birthday.. Birthday on 15th
August and name Swatantra is the greatest thing after Siddharth happened to me….. Thanks to my Nana Ji and my parents….
The day was full of adventures for Siddharth from Kite Playing to Bungee Jump to meeting Sanika and Sanjay….

It started with the Kite Flying at Siddharth’s School, there we met sanjay. He came to me and asked can I have the kite. I started taking to him, where are your parents, I was amazed at his confidence he came alone, his mom works in a house nearby to the school. Siddharth and Sanjay became friends and played together.
In the evening gag and his friends brought the cake… Birthday kissi ka bhi ho cake will be cut by Siddharth.. He loves to cut cake and eat cakes… After the cake we were down in the park, for the celebration of Independence Day.

There we met Sanika, Siddharth friend (read girl friend) she was wearing a backless dress and big earrings and this boy went crazy on her… He was after Sanika. Usually in park he always wants me to around him, but today he wanted Sanika to be around. If she was going away he was crying. I was shocked Eh mera putar hai…..
The day was full of fun from Chak de to Crazy kiya re…..


Sundar Narayanan said...

that last photo was sooooo cute!


Anonymous said...

Hi Just Checked out your blogspot !
Great one !

Anyways A very Happy independence Day &A belated Happy B'day To You !!

Keep up the Good Work n Keep the Faith !!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, even though belated.

Thank you and Regards,

Asha Bareja

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Mail,
And a big SORRY for not wishing you on your Birthday. Hope you forgive.

It was good piece of reading....


Anonymous said...

Oh yes Swatnatra, After seeing your mail,I remembered ur birthday. Manyhappy birthday though beleted. It is good that you had fun on this day.

thanks for sharing with me.


Swatantra said...

Sumit: Thanks for your kind words.

Asha: It's very sweet of you to reply on the mails. Thanks so much!

Swati: It's okay. How's sherja doing?

Mythili Didi: Thanks so much! Yes we had great fun.

Swatantra said...

Sundar: These both kids had great fun that day!

Anonymous said...

I am visiting your blog after a long time. Siddharth's picture in the latest blog with his friend is just so very cute.