Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thirteen at Mangar!

Mangar, a place around 20 km from Gurgaon, discovered by Parent Group of Siddharth School was decided for a track on Sunday. More than Siddharth I was excited to go, so woke up early 5’o clock on Sunday which is very rare for me on Sundays if my mother listens she won’t believe.

We reached at the meeting point around 7’0 clock in the morning, and started our journey towards Mangar. After parking the cars, counted the no of children, thirteen of them full of energy. With a small round of introduction we started the way up with a path full of stones Siddharth wanted to go on his own, though I was bit cautious. He amazed me as always.

We reached on the top, he wanted to see water and said wapis chalo yahaan Pani Nahi hai, somehow after showing him the insects, grass hopper, berries in beautiful colours we were able to put him back on the track.

There we saw a camel with the mud on him, Siddharth got so excited, he wanted to sit on him.

Then on the last point all the kids amazed all us parents by sitting on a hill of sand, all the parents were clicking this moment with their cameras…

After the food, we decided to track down on a different path full of stones and adventure. The entire parent agreed, more support was from one grandparent.

It was like find a way or make a way, on the way back most of the path Siddharth and other small kids tracked on their own, though it was a bit difficult path. But all the kids made it so adventures by hiking on trees, playing with sticks, picking feathers…. Siddharth made new friends, hiked on the trees with his new friend Rohan.

I and Vivek were so glad to meet Vrinda she is just like a flower so we named her flower….

Finally we could manage the way back to the point we started, but by finding a new way … which was the most adventures part... The most cheerful were the younger one and the elder one (Grand Parent)

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