Sunday, November 16, 2008

The youngest Marathon Runner!

The last weekend was jam packed, Saturday Siddharth’s birthday I will write later as some beautiful pictures are on the way…. and Sunday we participated at Delhi Half Marathon Delhi Run, Thanks to Niru, who gave us the opportunity to enjoy this. The run was 7 KM but before start also we have to walk close to 5 KM. So the total run for us was 12 Km. Siddharth was the youngest in the marathon run… The runs started with the wear of pink wigs, everyone was looking cute including Siddharth...

He star
ted the run with full of enthusiasm like his parents and Niru Massi… After one hour he got tired and said Mama Ghar chalo car pe… then few of Niru’s company people came and told Siddharth you are very good you are running fast and he started walking again.. Me and Vivek were amazed… when we finish the line …. Siddharth could run…only thing was he slept for 16 hr after the run… and he proved to be the youngest runner for this delhi run… Congratulations Siddharth for this major achievement!


kavi said...

I heard about it too ! And great to see all of you here !! With all the pink tops and hairdos !

In a season of pink slips to be in the pink of good health is indeed a revelation to watch and appreciate.

To have the spirit to run and the spirit to keep going is indeed so much a part of you and so much a part of the family !!

Congratulations ! You inspire !

Shreya said...

Really Commendable!!! Not just for his stamina but also for his willingness to do it.Wow!

The hair do too looks great on all of you :-)