Friday, January 30, 2009

Abra ka dabra

New words to be learn from Siddharth.. Siddharth look so cute when he says the below words in his own language i call it as Abra ka dabra.. it would be a nice idea to keep a record of these words:
Namak is Manak
Pazami is zamami

Technology is katnology

Takila is katila

Katori is takori

Ganja is Janga
Today i learnt Almirah is Amlirah

If you ask him Siddharth say namak very cutely he will say manak.. Though he can say it right also but he knows i smile if he says it wrong..

Keep Smiling:)


Gunngun said...

Hi there,

I agree with you, we must capture " the world of children". it is so wonderful, their little discoveries, innocent expression, energy, passion and above all their playfulness.

All we need to do is " Encourage them to realise their potential and help them make good use of it"..yet most of the parents get them painted into the ways of the world.

This is good though...reminiscing the time spent with my little one:))

Kavi said...

This is wonderful ! I wonder what he will call a blog...

a log or a bog or gog !!

This is super !