Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

We went to meet my brother on 31st DEC, he wished Siddharth happy new year, he asked me mama what is new year. I explained Siddharth today is the last day on the calendars of 2008, from tomorrow onwards a new year will start .. we believe that the new year gives you the new opportunities so you wish everyone Happy new year! He said in a very innocent manner no one has wished me happy new year! I immediately hugged him and wished him happy new year… We reached home, he saw our Gardener coming to our house.. he asked me Mamma what mamu told me in English was it happy ed I got immediately and corrected him Happy new year! He instantly went to our Gardener and wished him Happy new year! That was very sweet of him i was asking to myself are we also so adapting the way these kids are!

Here we are in the new year!Many good things happened… 2008 brought a turning point in my life, left the job and joined on a mission to fulfil my dreams! Siddharth shaped into a child with lots of energy, understanding, enthusiasm, and inquisitive. We moved to our own apartment to the home of our dreams…..

I always remembered that new year is like a blank page, fill it with the writing of love, happiness and togetherness! wish you all a great year with many more moments of love and togetherness!


Piya said...

A very Happy New Year to all of you too. We both wrote posts on the same subject, quite on similar lines :-).

A special new year wish for Siddharth ofcourse.


Kavi said...

Thanks for putting my name upthere. Frankly, i did little ! You make it all happen and i am humbled and inspired by all that you do !

This is wonderful !!

Many congratulations. This is your moment under the arc light and a well deserved moment ! So, do bask in its glory !!

You truly are a super woman !!