Thursday, January 22, 2009

Make a rule or break a rule!

We made one rule at the home for Siddharth, that he can watch one cartoon a day on TV. Else it is a never ending process for him.

For the last many days he stopped having lunch at school and the Tiffin will be untouched. Sometimes it made me sad, as I prepare special lunch for him of his own choice and being a mother it is always in mind mere putar ne khana khaya ya nahi….

So we made another rule, that if Siddharth doesn’t finish his lunch he cannot watch cartoon. Whenever I go to pick Siddharth from the school, he is finishing his lunch and the moment he will see me, he will run towards me and say Mamma aaj to mujhe one cartoon dekhne dego…. …. It makes me laugh on his innocence…

Sometimes if he is in a mood to watch another cartoon, he breaks the rule so smartly that I even cannot think of doing this... The moment one cartoon finishes he will say Mamma the first cartoon was not a cartoon it was an advertisement... and it was a big advertisement… I am again laughing and thinking that what a smart idea to break the rule…..

And I am again thinking…………to make a new rule…………………..


kavi said...

Cartoon Rules !!

I am sure he will grow to slowly like the food more than the cartoon. Until then, cartoons still will rule !!

Enjoy !


A Childhood Journey said...

I applaud him for making up such an intelligent excuse. :-)