Monday, April 27, 2009

A cute conversation!!

Today morning while bathing Siddharth, looking at how thin he has become a worried mom ask him a question which leads to a cute conversation, which I thought deserves a post
Mama: Siddharth you eat very less baby?
Siddharth: Mama mujhe bada nahi hona..
Mama (very surprisingly) : why bachaa?
Siddharth: agar mein bada ho gaya to mujhe fun game khelne ke liye time nahi milegaa.. mujhe office jana hoga..
Mama: which fun game
Siddharth : Like Mario, Icelander .. look Papa always say play alone I don’t have time I have to work..
Mama: No Siddharth u can always find time, like mama does sometime..
Siddharth(with a big smile) : Fine I will work from home and make my office at home..
We both were laughing, and he still eats less plays more…. But I was amazed to know the way a six year old is thinking….


Anonymous said...

it so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Swatantar, I think we are the people who have to mould our society for a better and healthy living which is rich in relationship, emotions, happiness , love, sincerity, with ample amount of money which is enough for simple and RICH living. Not for Money alone which we think can buy anything but actually it can't.