Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garmi kee chutiyaan!!

Siddharth's summer holiday started since a week back he has got school home work which is very different from the school home work we did during our summer holiday.. as below
  1. Go with your mama and papa for a cycling in the morning
  2. collect leaves, stones etc from the places u visit
  3. count the no of rooms, fans etc at your home and make a note in your holiday booklet
  4. Observe shape and colours
  5. notice things which are soft, rough and smooth..

I read this page to siddharth and by evening he has noticed that my skin is soft and mama's skin is hard.. dari is rough ... it is a real fun even i am feeling like to be a child again.. specially when siddharth talks creative things, yesterday when i was reading a concept about gravity to him he said mama kitna achaa hota na agar space niche hota aur gravity upar hum sab astranaut hote..


A Childhood Journey said...

So, he is already thinking about going against gravity. Interesting !!

Anonymous said...

This sidharth phenomenon do act but it act in the case of mind and our thoughts. Our mind is never attracted by the Earth's gravity, and it fies over those spaces which even astronauts are not able to see nor they could visualise.