Saturday, June 27, 2009

A cute conversation!!

When I was feeding food to Siddharth today a cute conversation happened :
Siddharth: Mamma aap apne tummy mein ek baby rakho.. mujhe ek baby chahiye,,,
Me: Kyoon
Siddharth: So that I can play with him..
Me: Siddharth we can have baby by other way also
Siddharth : Kaise
Me: We can adopt a baby there are many babies who doesn’t have parent so we can adopt
Siddharth: Hum uska khyaal rakh sake, aur usko paal ke appna baby bana le..
Me: ( by this time amazed ) : haanzi..
Siddharth: Mamma who log aapko phone karte hai kee babby le lo..
Me: You want a boy or girl
Siddharth: Jo jaldi bada ho jayee…

I am laughing and laughing on the innocence , commonsense and confidence of my cute little baby..
I love you Siddharth!!


A Childhood Journey said...

This guy surely loves to talk. He spent a good 10 mins with me on the phone chatting.

Ask him if he wants a baby, I can always send Shreya over. Woh jaldi bhi badi ho rahi hai. Chalega!

Nazish Rahman said...

cute...its wht a child is all about pure and innocence.

God bless him!!

Mimi said...

Good day to you today!!!
I hope all is well with you and your beautiful little boys!! You have 2 sons right???
Wishing a fun day today, do something special for yourself today!!!Read or nap!!!!

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Hehe, siddhu( i am sure you call him that) is smart. Mama please answer all my queries please.:)))

You are Tagged again, visit my blog for details.:)))

Neha said...

god bless siddharth n his innocence and intelligence...

Nona said...

LOL. Well.. he knows what he wants! :)

Priya said...

Hey Swatantra..thanx for visiting my blog and commenting on my annoyance..:), do visit again :). I read many of your posts and needless to say, Siddharth is a real sweet heart...looking forward to more of his innocent uttering... and hence forward your documenting those with equal sweetness.

Suree said...

kids speak right from the heart, god bless you siddarth

Aparna said...

Siddharth is a sweetpea.
This reminds me of a conversation my elder daughter and I had when she was about 5. She said "mama if I pray hard enough do you think god will give me a baby sister?"
Sometimes kids say the darndest things.

Anonymous said...

First up: I love the name Siddharth..Happens to b my first crush in college :P

ur baby is really cute..and so selfless and innocent :)

thank u for stopping by my blog :)

DPhatsez said...

God bless him :)

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

oh god, im just speechless.thats it... this is too much. i love ur kid.. :)

Rush said...

oh my god..that was so cute!!
i am amazed and awestruck too :)

A New Beginning said...

Beautiful:) Sometimes such innocent words can be so meaningful!Love the conversation:)

Swatantra said...

Piya: Shreya will be running not only walking.. send her over..

Nazish: Thanks for the wishes!! There is a lot to learn from kids..

Zillion Big: You are absolutely correct. Many of his dear ones call him Siddhu..

Neha: Thanks for the blessing we need it badly. He got hurt yesterday!!

Nona and Suree: Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again.

Priya: Thanks for coming!! Do come again!! Will look forward to it!!

Aparna: Thanks!! Did you pray hard!!

Swata: That's a sweet co-incidence!! Thanks for stopping by!! Do visit again!!

Dphatsez: Thanks for the wishes!! Do visit again!!

Dr. Chandna: I had the same feelings!! Great!! :)

Rush: Thanks!!

A New Beginning: Thanks for the beginning at my blog.. DO come again!!

Thanks everybody for all your comments and wishes!!

NeHa said...

awww....such untouched innocence!!!

very cute :))