Sunday, June 21, 2009

Logic or love!!

I had a voucher of 100 Rupees from Shopper stop, which were to expire by month end. Today being Sunday holiday, decided to redeem it. Siddharth being the cutest choice, I decided to give it to him, he agreed to a toy under 100 rupees. He was excited.
At the shop he liked the cars, a usual thing for any boy to like it. I looked at the puzzle under 100 rupees a usual thing for me as I believe into more of a utility. We both were debating on it which goes as below:
Mama: Siddharth you already have 10 cars, what a big deal, it will add one more to it.
Siddharth: Mama I need it as I loved it and I don’t have this model. We have many puzzles also.
Mama: (being more polite) Baby, look if u buys the puzzle you can show to everyone and give them the challenge to do it. They will say wow..
Siddharth: Mama we can do the same with other puzzle also, everybody has not seen many of the puzzle. And then with a sad look on his face he says , Ok whatever you say with eyes looking somewhere else.

By this time I decided to buy the car, I don’t know it was his logic or my love which convinced me. But the moment he saw the cars. He came gave me a big hug and a million dollar smile………… And there is no logic after this:)


Sumandebray said...

In I was much younger, we used to love watching a TV show by the name of "wonder years". That show used to take us through the day to day life of "Kevin Arnold" as a kid growing up in America of the sixties. Small day to day happenings in the life of Kevin which might be trivial in the eyes of a bystander but of immense importance to the young boy. Your narration of events involving Siddharth reminds me of Keivn Arnold and his growing years.
I liked the story of class of 93. Hope you all have get-together one day.
Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again

AnjuGandhi said...

It is not the question of logic. what matters is the smile on your loved one's face.
we can do any thing to make our dear ones happy then what is a car as comparted to the happiness which the young one got from it.

NeHa said...

This incident of yours just brought a smile on my face :)

mums always give up to the demands of their kids!!!and to see that happiness in their child's eye is next to heaven.. :)

Siddharth is really cute :)
god bless you both :)

Nazish Rahman said...

thats a lovely post...n ya it was not Siddharth's logic but his innocence and his love n understanding of his mom that he agreed...n in your case it was as u hav said love for him!!!

Nothing is pure in this world except a mothers love for her kids n kids honesty!!!

its a lovely blog...seems the pic is of Siddharth...u have a cute kid. Looks a bit naughty!!!

* kids should b naughty!!!

take care

A Childhood Journey said...

I have been reading the recent posts in a hurry. Sorry did not leave a comment before. All of them very interesting. This one in particular.

Mimi said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!!
I love to have new visitors and love learning about other people's lives and where they live and how there families interact with each other.
I totally understand your conversation with your son, as Mother's we always try to be so logical and think what will serve them better, a puzzle-a book a learning toy, but that smile and happiness to me is far worth the learning lesson of a book or puzzle, and you as his MOTHER became his Hero again as he sees the LOVE you have for him unconditionally!!!
have a Blessed day,
jamie--aka mimi

Swatantra said...

Sumandebray: Thanks for visiting and all your blessings. Your wishes for get together have inspired me. I am sure we will make it one day!! Hope to see u again on my blog.

Anju: Thanks you are very right!! Love has a win always!!

Neha: Thanks for dropping by!! Will appreciate you again here. Thanks for the wishes and kind words. It gives me a great feeling in reading those words.

Nazish: Many thanks for all the comments. You are very generous. I liked your picture in the box. Yes the picture is of Siddharth.

Piya: Thanks for writing!!

Mimi: Thanks for the visit. I hope to see you again. Your words are very true!! Amazing!! Siddharth always wins my heart with his smile.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Very touching... Kids redefine logic and many a times their sense of logic is amazing, they teach you at times.

I am always touched by a mother and her bond with her kids.Keep bloging, i had added you to my list, but i dont know why didnt get an alert.Shall visit often.

BTW: You have been tagged, i left out to name you, bcoz after writing a long post i was out of my mind. Now come out with your tag:)))))))

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

theres no logic there. i bet it was the expression on his face and the feeling that came to ur heart.. very sweet article.