Thursday, July 09, 2009

Back to School!!

Siddharth school reopened today after a long summer vacation of nearly two months… These two months went with the joy of being together for the whole day.. Being a boss of ur own work gave me an advantage of doing the work for the flexible timing..
I and Vivek dropped him today at school, the moment he was at the school gate; there was an excitement in his eyes…
Good morning turtle, good morning plants, good morning fishes, good morning Jaishree didi ( they call didi to their class teacher) he was saying to everyone in a very sweet gesture and great smile on his face..

I missed him thru the day , these holidays I also went through my summer holidays, we painted pots, piggy bank he got from his nanni. All the kids brought their own scrap books, they have made during the holidays. They have shared their work. Siddharth came home and told me Mamma mera kaam itna zada hai kee didi kal bhi share kargee.. aur humne simmi didi ( the other teacher in the class) ko nahi dikhaya to school main hee rakhna ..
There were many new things I came to know about Siddharth. He is now a kid who understands each and every talk we do at house. We cannot talk in codes he can decode it. He loves doing paint, playing puzzles, playing memory games, creating stories ( I started Siddharth blog also. ) playing hide and seek. He love challenges and to beat other in the game of kog works. He is grown up in weight and height as the all other kids in his class were today morning..
And the most surprising was the blocks he made today evening..
Siddharth beta you have beaten Mamma today in this game…. Love u baby!!
Bachoon ke nazuk hathoon ko asmaan chu le ne do..
Do char kitabein pad key eh bhee hum jaise ban jayngee…


sangeeta said...

enjoyed reading it.......mere dil ke kisi kone me ek masoom sa baccha, bada hone se darta hai....
khilona hai jo mitti ka fanaa hone se darta hai........

kitaben padh li hai na!!

Rush said...

i see ur living ur life thru sids eyes..its an amazing phase of life which i yearn to live someday.

Nazish Rahman said...

lovely...i wanna really go back to my childhood days, they were so nice!!!

thanks for sharing...i loved it!!

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

u'll be amazed to know what sponges children are - the slightest change in you facial expression they'll pick up - and know the reason even before u do - sp perceptive they are.
enjoy every moment kids r with you. before u realise, they grow up - --
goo read!

A New Beginning said...

Hey! Loved the pics, Siddharth looks really cute touch wood. He is lucky that he has such amazing parents who let him be, otherwise I see parents going mad about studies. So thank God youre a great parent :)
Loved the post, took me to the time when I used to go to nursery, leaving mamma at the gate, playing with plasterseen!We used to call our teacher aunty;)
thanks for the wonderfully nostalgic post!

Apanatva said...

मेरा इस ब्लॉग से बना है एक प्यारा सा नाता
भावनाओ की सही पकड़ और लिखने की शैली को ही सारा क्रेडिट जाता !!
keep it up.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

ha, thanks for sharing this. I too have a little one growing up at my house, right now we can talk anything, but not too long. Nice pics.:))

shilpa said...

ahhhhhhhh so sweet he loves school i wish to have children who would be lovely and active and sweet like him

NeHa said...

siddharth is looking so cute with dat school bag of his :)
it is heart touching to see kids grow up...and each time i visit ur blog,i am left with a smile :)
thank you...


Swatantra said...

Sangeeta: You have touched my heart by those lines.. beautiful!!

Rush: Thanks!! Good luck!!

Naizish: Yes, we love those days full of love, innocense..

Kochuthresiammma: You are right,they will grow up and we will remember these days!!

A new begining: Thanks!!

Apanatva: Aaapkee kavita mast hai!! aur hindi lazawaab hai.. keep visiting!!

Zillion big: Thanks!! I am sure your little one will grow fast, as siddharth always say ladikyaan zaldi badi hoti hain..

Shilpa: Wish you Good luck!!

Neha: Thanks so much!!

Swati said...

hey! thanks for visitng my space :)
this is the most awwwwww post i've read in a while..yeah..going back to basics is fun :)

Kavi said...

Fantastic ! Just about caught up with all the posts. Wonder why the posts dont show up on Reader.

Nevertheless, lovely post. And wishing Siddharth all the luck in the world.

I am sure, he will grow up to be somebody !!


Best wishes !

Aparna said...

That was simply lovely.
Kids are so perceptive, they pick up everything between parents.No code words ever work.
These early days in school are precious. The kids are relaxed and they enjoy learning each new thing.
I loved the last 2 lines.