Thursday, August 06, 2009

Guess Who?

This weekend we visited Vivek’s paternal house, where his chacha and chachi lives with their cute little daughters. As Siddharth calls them fondly Vasu didi and smriti didi..

There is a special fragrance of love and togetherness comes from the environment at their house. I love the food they cook. Ek alag sa taste hai jo sirf mummy ke khanee mein se aata hai…. So we tend to eat more also.

When we were heading towards their house, Siddharth was saying I will get bore and when we were coming back he was the one who was not willing to come back. He made everybody laugh at his cute little things, and the best was when we were moving towards our car after receiving chocolates and water pipe from chachi he said very innocently to me “ Mamma yahaan sab kuch free milta hai”

While going we wanted to buy some puzzle for Siddharth’s Vasu and Smriti Didi, the challenge is that you go to a toy store with Siddharth and don’t buy him anything it is hard.

This time it was made easy by the owner, Siddharth selected the toy and the shopkeeper said you give us ur address and we will deliver. He asked the shopkeeper when you are giving me the toy for my sisters so why are u not giving the other toy which I selected and we had another laugh on his logic.

I knew the promise of the Shopkeeper to Siddharth has to be completed, as he started asking the question about the delivery in the car. I looked at Vivek and we both made a plan to fulfill his dream.

On Sunday morning at house our security guard comes with a Game named Guess who and gave to Siddharth that the Shopkeeper at Delhi has send this game. I was overwhelmed with pride on seeing joy on Siddharth’s face.

Now we play Guess who together and it always gives me more joy and contented feeling to see the way Siddharth enjoys this game…..

“There lies a past of me in a child which I wish to find and enjoy”


ZB said...

hey congrats. My love to Siddharth. TC:))

Nazish Rahman said...

Siddharth is a smart kid just see what he questions the shopkeeper.." when you are giving me the toy for my sisters so why are u not giving the other toy which I selected"...lolz!!!

Its really nice to read about him...i repeat again he's lucky to hav parents like u n you'll r lucky to have a sweet kid like him. :)

Apanatva said...

your last line is so true.All of us can relate to it .
Beatifully written post.(as usual)

Lou said...

I played Guess Who with my children also..and they are adults now. This has brought a smile to my face, and a memory to my heart.

Neha said...

very sweet post...loved it..:)

Aparna said...

Great post as usual.
You have a very smart boy there. Soon both you and your husbands will have to think of various ways to outsmart him. I liked when he said yahan sab kuch free milta hai. Very funny.

Rush said...

so we tend to eat more and put on some healthy weight?
yea, it happens to me all the time at grandmas house!!!

wanted to ask u, im following u..lekin ur posts dont appear in the reader? why so?

Kavi said...

Lovely post. And he is growing and well ! Isnt he !!

And that last line was a gem of a line !


vivek said...

I simply loved it, when Siddharth spoke the way he did to uncle in the "oldest toy store in India-since 1890". he got astonished on being caught by siddharth and was at loss of words for some time.
Siddhi, i am so proud of you!!!

A Childhood Journey said...

You have so vividly described chacha-chachi's place, the warmth and the good food there. I also like what Siddharth said - yahan sab kuch free milta hai. :-)

♥ Braja said...

I'm with my family in Australia and can relate to the eating part in this post :))

Balaji S Rajan said...

Visiting here after a long time. Laughed at your son's comment 'Free Miltha Hai'. Kids are so cute and innocent. Their innocence makes us to laugh. Good days. Enjoy each and every bit of it.

Sumandebray said...

Great Post!
Very smart boy .. very logical too..
we do see a bit of our childhood in the children.... that is what makes their company more fullfilling

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Very touching, well told. And the last line is very insightful!

Thanks for sharing,


sangeeta said...

yahan sab kuchh free milta hai....ham bhi agar bacche hote.
you do so many things to make him happy ...loved it.

♥ Braja said...

I love that closing sentence.....

Kavi said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday and a wonderful time ahead ! Will connect up with you and speak too !

Just wanted to say that its great knowing you. And that its easy to spot you, as you always leave a difference !!

Have a wonderful day and great times ahead too !


Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

ur kids a really smart one ya.. sorry,been really long away from ur posts. its that ur blog entries are not showin on my blogroll even though i have been added in followers. so all these days i assumed that u haven written anythin new. anywas, ncie readin ur writes again :)