Sunday, November 08, 2009

Birthday Siddharth!!

Siddharth felt excited for the celebration of his birthday. We celebrated Siddharth’s birthday with creativity and some different way.. 

This time creativity started from the invitation card, i have a good collection of old marriage cards, so we used the plain side for the pasting of printouts which has a nice little poem on it..

 आयो खेले..खेल खेल में..
मनाये हम यह दिन..मेरा जनमदिन.. 
तुम भी आयो.. हम भी मिले.
और मिल कर करें शोरना हम हो बोर
मस्ती में हो जाए सराबोर… 

Siddharth designing and making stories on the back of card

Invitation card
All the kids were invited to the Play Zone area, a place in a shopping mall which is normally used as a baby sitter when parents shop.. we choose as birthday destination..

And the kids had so much of fun beyond our expectations… below are the few pictures..


खेल खेल में मनाया हम ने यह दिन
बहुत मजा आया....................


sarah said...

Happy birthday!!

The Holy Lama said...

May you celebrate more happy days like these. I wish I were a child again and just have masti. Great pics.

sangeeta said...

wishing Siddarth a happy birthday...great to see so many happy kids together..

SG said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Siddharth
Happy Birthday tooooo yooouuuuuu

Nazish Rahman said...

Happy Birthday Siddharth!!
Those were lovely pics...they enjoyed a lot!! I like the invitation card concept...awesome:)!

I wanted to wish him on your previous post but dont know why was not allowed not comment!!

Take care and enjoy!!

Neha said...

wow, that was some party...feel sad to have missed it...please wish siddharth a very happy birthday on my behalf :)

Apanatva said...

many many happy returns of the day .
your post in hindi was great Swatantra .

Kavi said...

Looks like a great fun time !! Thankks for sharing !


Swatantra said...

Kavi: Thanks it was great fun,that we were so busy that i had only drank water at end.. Thanks for wishes!!

Apanatva: Thanks for the compliments.. i poured my heart out..

Neha: Sure i will do.. Thanks:)

Nazish: Thanks for the wishes and compliment for photos.. i liked it..

SG: Thanks your poem is cute!!

Sangeeta: Yes it was fun to be around with so many cute faces..

The Holy Lama: Thanks!!

A Childhood Journey said...

Happy Birthday Siddharth. You did have lot of fun - the pictures tell so.

I liked the idea of the invitation card.

Tomz said...

Wonderful bash..I am speechless..Happy Birthday to Siddharth and hats off to his parents..

Mama Zen said...

Happy Birthday, Siddharth!

Varsha Shrote said...

Happy birthday to dear Siddharth! Pics are awesome, looks like all the young ones had great fun.
It was really cool idea to celebrate the birthday in a place where kids enjoyed so much :)

~Lopa said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Siddharth :)

Rush said... i know why 7th of nov is special!!!
My heartiest congrats to the little sweetheart and may be have bigger celebrations as years turn.

(((big bear hugs))) from Rush.our move on 7th went just fine and i am all settled now :)

Swatantra said...

Rush: Good to hear... Thanks i loved ur way of wishing him... i am sure he will enjoy hugs ... Great that you shifted well..

Tomz: Thanks for using these words these meant a lot to us.. we had real fun..

Varsha: That's true, even in the school all kids narrated to the teachers that they had fun...

Mama Zen: Thanks a lot:)

Lopa: Hey thanks!!

Pins N Ashes said...

Such an arty and creative way of holidng a party...and look at all that fun those kids had... Nice idea with the cards:)


Swatantra said...

Piins N Ashes: Thanks for the compliments.. Thanks for the visit to my blog.. Hope to see you again...

Usha said...

Happy Birthday Sid!

And I'm late :s

Sumandebray said...

Very happy birthday to Sidharth ... belated but from the depth of my heart, I wish him and your family all the very best..
Happy birthday to him once again

NeHa said...

awww....full of colors happiness joy smiles laughs :)

hope d fun n frolic stays forever :)))