Saturday, December 19, 2009

कुछ दिल से!

The last month of the year is at the end, with the new year at few days  apart making new promises and new commitments. So many things happened in this last month that i just could not get the time to come here..

Here is the snapshots:

Me and Siddharth did the role of Santa at Siya's  Birthday party daughter of our friends Asha and Sumant .. With love i call Siya puttar (means son/daughter in punjabi) and now she fondly calls me Santa Claus..:)

 Siya with hum sab kee favourite Jyoti Massi

Then we met with the new member of our family.. Siddharth's little sister Shreya ( Vivek's brother daughter)

Cute little Shreya on a bean bag 
and Siddharth met his Vipin Chachu(Vivek's brother)  after Five years as they live in US .. 

Siddharth with his Chachu

आ चल के तुझे में ले के चलूं एक ऐसे गगन के तले
जहाँ गम भी ना हो आँसू भी ना हो बस प्यार ही प्यार प्ले...!!


Rajlakshmi said...

the tiny tots look so cute in Santa dress :P
very cute post there :)
enjoy :)

sangeeta said...

Hi Santa.
what did you bring for me ??
little shreya looks so sweet..

sm said...

आ चल के तुझे में ले के चलूं एक ऐसे गगन के तले
जहाँ गम भी ना हो आँसू भी ना हो बस प्यार ही प्यार प्ले...!!
excellent song.
nice pic

Sumandebray said...

You had an Early Christmas this year. The kids love Santa so they must have had loads of fun!
Nice pictures and wish you a even more eventful and colorful years in the days to come.

SG said...

Nice post. Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing. I thought Santa Claus is always very obese with a big beer belly. Nice to see a good looking Santa.

Lopa said...

I liked this way of sharing where pictures tell more story than words :)

So Santa Claus huh? :)

Kavi said...

santa always brings in loads of happiness !

In the sharing on a post as well ! Thank you ! Indeed !


The Holy Lama said...

Season's greetings to Santa. Nice shots.

Sanand said...

Tiny tots look so cute, hope Santa gets them awesome gifts. Nice pics and thanks for sharing.

A New Beginning said...

Whenever I visit your blog a prayer comes out from with, may God bless u and your family with loads of happiness, peace , joy and contentment. Amen

Tomz said...

It must have been a good time for you all..

Vivek Patwardhan said...

May the new year bring you and all at home lot of happiness,

Enjoyed reading your blog,


Apanatva said...

marry christmas ! Enjoyed your post .

Antarman said...

loved the pics of little ones. and yours as Santa..Santa is very lovely this year:)