Friday, May 29, 2009

On the blog of a story writer!!

Jeffrey Archer was in Gurgaon, me and siddharth went to listen his talk.. the talk was good, inspiring.. though Siddharth slept in my lap during the talk..
I went to take his autograph with Siddharth in my lap, and today to my surprise, when i saw his blog me and Siddharth are there.. I was glad to see Siddharth on his blog, as today only i wrote the Siddharth's stories on blog.. is it a some co-incedence.. i dont know i leave the answer to GOD!!
check the above link to see Siddharth on the great story teller's blog!!!


A Childhood Journey said...

Read thru his story. Very imaginative I must say. Good that you are collecting them too.

Aparna said...

How nice! Incidentally I love his stories. He is such a master storyteller. It must have been thrilling to attend this session.

Swatantra said...

Piya: Thanks , i had the same feeling!!

Aparna: The session was amazing!! It was inspiring!! Next time i will surely take u along!! Thanks!!

Aja Mobley said...


Thank you for the comment on my blog! Keep checking back for my goals accomplished as I'll keep them posted!

Take care.