Monday, August 24, 2009

3rd aniversary!!

Siddharth with his friends i dedicate this post to this friendship

Since morning there are different thoughts coming and going thru mind.. then came the thought oh it's been three years that i am taking care of this blog.. So this blog is three year old.. and i was going through my older post when i saw my first post about Siddharth..

Every post has grown, as Siddharth has grown from this first post... and his cute talks. I love u Baby. You and your talks are the inspiration and soul of this blog..

My blog is another world of words for me, which inspires me. I am waiting for the day when Siddharth will start reading this blog, and express his thought in the form of comments. ...

In three years many minds have come here and leave their impression, which keeps me moving and lead to the next step of writing another post.

Just now a friend called up to congratulate me on my well written article for Economic times, the day has started with the bundle full of joy and smiles... the link is here article at ET

Happy birthday once again and may GOD bless you with many new posts and many more people to read.... AMEN!!


Neha said...


you have the most innocent blog on this blogger, thanks to Siddharth...and even I will be waiting for the day when siddharth will make comments on the posts written for him...and I am sure, he will have one whole blog dedicated to you, where he will be writing about how much love you have given him over the years... but this blog will always remain a vintage..

congratulations for completing three years...:)

Lou said...

Blogging can be frustrating or has been a big help to me in my journey. I have been doing it for one year and sometimes I have nothing to write.

But you have many years of inspiration ahead of you in your son!

alap said...

Well do you write in indian newspaper i dind know that which article did you write i want to readdear and also congrates for the 3 anniversary

shilpa said...

congrates swatantra great post you write in newspaper which article did you write i want to read too

Susan DeAngelis said...

Writing has helped me tremendously.

Much congratulations on your new article. Where can I read it?

Apanatva said...


A Childhood Journey said...

Congrats both on the blog and your article.

Nazish Rahman said...

Congrats....its really going to be interesting when Siddhart starts reading these posts....u have really captured his childhood as close as possible...great.

oh never knew u write for the reputed Economic times...awesome!!

Swatantra said...

Neha: That's very kind of you.. It gives me great feeling in reading those words from you.. Thanks so much!!

Lou: I have not come across for the frustrating feeling, but yes its been a great help to me also.. Thanks!!

alap: Thanks for the visit, do come again. The link is there at the top for the article.

Shilpa: Thanks, i write for the SME sector, you can find the link above in my post i have added now. Thanks for asking.

Susan: Thanks for the wishes, link is there in the above post now.

Apanatva and childhood journey: Thanks!!

Nazish: I always admire your true and kind comments and specially ur great feelings about siddharth.. Keep visiting!! Thanks !!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

congratulations on the third anniversary of your blog..


Rush said...

Congrats lady..the click has come out great. You are the CEo of Truly Natural, please share with us more about ur company...i totally adore entreperneurs.
Must say, with a job, kid and a family to look after...u have come a loong way in the past 3 years, truly an inspiration!!!

Nona said...

Happy 3rd anniversary.

FYI: The updates from your blog are not visible on the blogger even though I have subscribed to it. If others are experienced the same and corrected it, please let me know how to correct this.

sangeeta said...

hey congratulations for completing three eventful years and for your article too.
like the name of your company i find your blog truly natural too.
keep up the good work.
the photograph has come out very good with the three frns and the rugged door behind...

Miss M said...

Such a sweet post!

And now I am off to read your article on ET! :)

Btw, really cute pic of Siddharth and his friends.

Sumandebray said...

Hey! Congratulations!
Hope you have many many more blogging years ahead.
I do enjoy visiting your blog. Keep the spirit flowing and the good work going
Wish you all the best!
Best Wishes to Siddharth

Swatantra said...

Rane: Thanks for the wishes!!

Rush: Thanks for those great words.. it makes me happy.. about the house, company and Siddharth for me it is the mountain i need to conquer and the life with them is the beauty on those mountains...

Sangeeta: Thanks so much!! The picture has really come out nice.. the door behind is a door to the house which is 50 years old.. u will read the details in my next post.

Miss M: Thanks for the visit do come again..

Sumandebray: Thanks for those kind words.. Do come again..

sangeeta said...

hey swantra...even i live in a house which is more than 50 years old...the govt. apartment allotted to us is really that old.

Shas said...

This is the first time that i visited this blog of yours. This is so cute that you have dedicated this blog to your son. Its an amazing way to share and record memories. Am sure your son will be really proud of it and treasure it.

Congrats! on completing three long years of blogging. Its quite a long time.

Congrats! for your article on ET, jus read it. Wow! am impressed by your ideas.