Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Back to School!!

Siddharth is back to school after the summer holiday of two months, today was the first day and i was glad to see such a big smile and confidence in him.. the smile was their on everyone of his classmate face as they pose happily for the photo today..
From Left Ojas, Devanagdm Siddharth, Aaliyah, Kritika, Sanjana, Aadwik, Gauri, Udi, Aryan
The last two months were filled with joy, happiness, challenges and lots of activities. The holiday started with small activity at Jodo gyan centre. 
Doing activity on what sink and what float
making a castle with Dev and Siya
enjoying twister Ninja with Dev 

making table mat on a paper.. One side is above water and the other on the earth he shared the same in class today. 
House on the beach from Jenga tiles( i could never be so creative) 
a visit to the croma with Disney character
Prize he won at the Croma
Reward for Papa and Mumma
Rain on the rat with the toffee

Basket from Kog wheels
Drawing competition by Reading circle 
     Painting sclupture at the art class          
Basket from Nanni served as a cap

Building some old connection with his cousin at Punjab

Best Smile in this world captured as always by Gaggi Mama  

and these little hands reaching to the sky (mural he made on his own at the art class)
तू मेरा है तुझ पे नाज़ है मुझे....
मस्ती भरे गर्मी की छूटी के दिन
कितनी मस्ती यह बीते यह अहसास है मुझे..


Nazish Rahman said...

hey its lovely ya...beautiful pics...glad he is enjoying all!!

The Holy Lama said...

So many activities and he seems to be good at art. Bless him

Nona said...

Nice pictures

Samvedna said...

lovely pictures, and that basket is very many a days schools are real fun.

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

nice pics :)

Sumandebray said...

the summer break is over... Its good that he is happy to be back in the school..... We used to drag our feet after the break and still feel the same after the weekend