Friday, September 17, 2010

I love the way Siddharth shows his creativity. There was a time when he would make something and i would urge and run to click picture and now whenever he makes something, he will call me mama don't you want to click the picture.. so thought of putting picture today. 

The different creation of Benten at the dining chair
House he made from Blocks
Smile and city
snowman from icecream and chocolate
His love for the slider at his school
Rangoon kee Duniya

Flying aeroplanes from Balcony
Woh kagaz kee kishti woh baarish ka paani
The way he clicked with his friend Aakash
His Racing car from Blocks
His first home work
His Bridge from plain rectangular slides 
I could not think of a suitable title for this post, any suggestion.. 


Neha said...

very creative indeed..i can see my niece turning into one creative master too :) she just turned one :)

cyclopseven said...

Creativity is the essence of creation....and it flows naturally in children. The picture of peas and seeds that formed SID...really creative.

SG said...

Nice one. Siddharth has gone artistic talents. All pictures are wonderful.

Tomz said...

Very nice pictures and post...thanks for sharing with us...we were missing you n sid for sometime..well the title f the post could be something like 'Creative Sid'. just my suggestion..:)

The Holy Lama said...

Nice pics. Sid really needs a haircut

sm said...

beautiful pics
very creative

Nona said...

Very creative