Friday, May 25, 2012

I am Flying Part 1

Siddharth never rode a bicycle, and whenever i see other kids we always think will he ride a cycle. Then one day came and Siddharth also saw few of his friends riding a firefox and he wanted us to buy for him. Firefox means a big dent in the pocket, me and vivek who always had a bicycle not more than few hundred and here he was talking close to Five figures. It was an important decision to choose. Finally the firefox came and when today when of my friend was telling me that Siddharth learnt the bicycle in a very short time, i believe it was worth of spending those thousands, though it was the efforts which both father and son has put into it.

Day 1

Day 4

This last picture has lots of meaning to me where Siddharth is flying to new heights and Reet is here to hold us...


A Childhood Journey said...

Good to see Siddharth riding by himself. Being able to ride a bicycle is such fun. I am sure he is enjoying.

Reet is looking exactly like you here, also taller and bigger than what we last saw her.

Hugs to both of them.

A Childhood Journey said...

3days only to learn to ride a bike is outstanding. I am sure Firefox did its bit to encourage as well. Siddharth seems to be enjoying the bike in the pictures.

Reet is looking so much like you here. love her expressions!

Hugs to both of them!