Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reet visited Te Aroha ( our boutique resort in Himalaya) in the first week of July. I was bit worried about Reet how she will behave in mountain and being her first trip outside Delhi. She cooperated very well. During the travel she enjoyed sitting in her car seat for longer time. We stayed for almost a week. It was complete fun. Siddharth loves trekking so me and Siddharth trekked one small hill. It is always fun to be with him during that time, as he is my guide. 

Now when i look at the pictures below, a smile comes to my face remembering the good time spent. 

Our two little princess
Reet and Siya in Spa
Four Musketeers
Siddharth wanted to try a longer route to reach to the property

Finally he succeeded successfully
Last day me and Siddharth both wanted to finish our book.

Reet discovered first time to how to turn page of a book

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