Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Happy Siddharth's 9th Bday

Can't i live in peace? I want to celebrate my birthday with my friends or want to go out with you all.. when i hear these words from you, the memory of you being a small baby fades away from my mind. Today when you have officially entered into a pre teen stage i feel proud of you son. The journey of last one year has been the most different one from all those eight years. I remember your waking up in the mornings and looking for me, which you still do but in a very different way. I love the way you understand each and every thing now, we dont have to use a code language or a baby lanuguage to you. I like the way you talk to me as two adults are talking. 

I miss those days of our playing guess who together but love that you are a virtuous reader now. I like the way you sometime use different words in your expression ( many of the meaning i need to check). I love your story writing and i can see a little creative writer in you. I like the way you tell me mom i can manage on my own and feels happy when you call me in the night to sleep with you. 

Life is different now son and you understood it so beautiful.The way you take care of your little sister Reet is amazing, i love both of you bonding together.

Today on your 9th bday and reet's 10th month on this earth son i wish you and her all the best in everything, may success be yours in whatever the path you choose for yourself. I appreciate each and every thought in your mind and wish you a fun filled birthday. 

with lots of love'
your mume...