Thursday, May 02, 2013

Being in present!!

Today when one boy on the street was begging for money, he was saying something in a tune. I was getting irritated on his constant chase. Then suddenly i felt happy, when i saw Reet smiling on his tune. I was thinking that kids always live in present, he was singing and reet was smiling. Its we as adults attach so much to the present that it is no more a present and in the whole process we forget to enjoy the moment.

We condition our mind with knowledge from past and apply it everywhere. I was remembering that when we are with the friends, read a book, listen to the music or do some activity which we enjoy to do then we are in present. But why on other situations we get attached and invite pain or pleasure. 

Our kids always live in present, we connect our stories to them and make their life tough sometime. We forget that one day they are going to fly their own way and make their own nest. 

Till that time lets live in present and enjoy life with these little ones!! Amen!! 

Reet and Siddharth enjoying with bug...

When you are quiet you can sense upcoming shifts in your life long before the actual shifts. Nothing is surprising, everything is welcome and consciousness keeps rising

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Vivek Patwardhan said...

Very sensitive mind you have!