Monday, August 26, 2013

Growing Together!!

Today while cleaning up Siddharth room, Reet came and helped me. When reet born everyone told me that now you will have a different experience, girls are very different. They are emotionally more attached to you. Today i can understand what they meant, a small job which i need to tell Siddharth more than ten times, reet is helping me on her own. I am not comparing my two kids; we are all different from each other.  Reet is a little explorer while Siddharth has been always a creative child. He amazes me with many things he makes from lego. His airplanes and car design i sometime believe i should get it patented. 

Life is growing at a fast pace with two of them around, when i see both of them growing with love and affection towards each other. It gives me a feeling of calmness that they are there for each other. They both have a gap of more than eight years, but when they are together it never seems. She can give him an equal response when he teases her, he can play with her as if she is equal to his age. They both fight with each other and then they are together. He teases her by taking away the things she likes; she teases him with love from us. She never allows him to come near me when i am holding her. She sleeps early and he reads late. But they are never apart.

Life is all about the difference i can make in their life. When they grow up, they will be leading their own life, making their own future. I will remember these days of growing together through this blog and when i am not there they can come and see this space, how beautiful the life is when you grow together!! 

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