Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love care and concern!!

Today I am feeling very great, happy and proud. This is the first post written by Siddharth on my blog. Siddharth school has adopted two pups.. so we decided to write on topic of love, care and concern. Here are the thoughts from Siddharth:

You should love and care everyone around you and you should be concerned. If someone gets hurt in his emotions or physically, we should take care for same. Our school philosophy is all about loving and caring of each other. Our school recently got two pups and everyone adores them
We should be concerned about nature around us and the ways to save it. Nature gives us so much like shade, wood. When it is cut and also paper when it is cut. It also gives us herbs from shrubs. It gives us fruits, furniture, water, and oxygen. It gives us coal, diamond etc. We can utilise our resources but we also need to save them in many ways like the water we use to wash our cloths can be recycled to water plants. We can also save nature by not cutting trees and not wasting water or not polluting it.
I love to read stories to my sister. I love the way she says bye take care to me when I go to school in morning. I love the way she hugs me. I love to play in school after my school gets off with my friends and with new pups in my school. Their names are marsh and mellow. Here are the few pictures my mom has clicked.
Marsh and Mellow
Deciding on game rules
cycling with my friend
Reet enjoying with Marsh and Mellow

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