Sunday, February 01, 2015

Madras 12 - Translations

I do not know how you learned to translate words in different language. We speak three language at home Hindi, Punjabi and English, and you even can translate into Tamil. Tamil is spoken to you by our staff at Srishti. I am amazed how did you learn to do same. Children hear and they speak. But you have an ability to think and belong to same. For a record here are the few words you even started at the age of 20 months. 

1. You will say Water पानी water and now you have added Tani to same in Tamil 
2. Food खाना Food
3. Study पड़ाई study 

and you could say your name and others also at age of 20 months. Now at three you translate full sentence. 

1. Muma what are you doing?

म्‍मा आप क्या कर रहे हो1 म्‍मा आप इंटरनेट कर रहे हो 1 muma you are doing internet. 

2. Reet wants water. रीत को पानी चाहिए1 

I am feeling great at your translation and making a post here for you and all of us to enjoy... 

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