Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Shopping at MG Road!!

Supreme court in delhi has given orders for the sealing of the shops at the MG road , Delhi…

My favourite shop Maya Toys of puzzles for siddharth is also sealed I was feeling very sad about the fact, they have sealed it because of unauthorized area.. who has made it autorised ? The poster hanged on the wall explains the situtaion….

When I came down the road , few memories came across my mind, five years back when we shifted to Gurgaon and wanted a dining table for our home , me and vivek has really serached a lot on this road… few days back my younger brother bought me the hidesign bag that shop was also sealed ….

A Sardarji was selling his painting by sitting on the road….. I thought of buying one from him, honestly none of the painting attracted me so much.. ...

I don’t know how long it take for the re open of the seal… we can go again and buy puzzle for siddharth…….

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Kavi said...

Everything these days comes at a cost. Including development !

Untill that becomes clear, everything else remains a puzzle ! Including Siddharths !