Monday, November 20, 2006

Siddharth aur uske batein!!

Life has taken another beautiful direction with Siddharth, he adds more colour to it by his little sweet talks:

Whenever you say yes by nodding your head or say haan siddharth will immediately say haan kya hota haanzi hota hai…

Papa aap jaldi aa gaye… when vivek came home by 7’O clock...

Hasne kee baat nahi hoti... siddharth will say if you just laugh on anything unusual!! Which he feels that you should not laugh…?

Me and Vivek were talking about one of our friends visit to our house, all of sudden siddharth started shouting with joy by calling the name of their daughter… (Though we had not mentioned the name of the daughter) amazing memory kids have!!


1 comment:

Kavi said...

Looks to become a handsome young man !! Am sure he is the cynosure of your life !!